Sunday, August 31, 2008

On the Road!

Yesterday I hit the road to visit my friend Virginia, knitter-and-quilter extraordinaire! She retired to Petoskey, Michigan -- truly a beautiful place on Little Traverse Bay.

The morning started with a stop at the farm market...

Of course, on the way I had to stop at a few yard sales -- I ended up with a couple of stacked racks I can use to display items at my fall sales (or use in the kitchen cupboard!), two fence-boxes, I can put plants in...

A cute metal easel...

And a wicker cabinet (in need of a paint job) for $5.00. I think that goes into the art room, unless I commandeer it for the bathroom instead.

Lunch with Virginia was fun! She showed me many of her award-winning quilts from the County Fair as well as knitting projects.

I loved the colors on this one.
And of course, her cat Chessie delighted me!

After leaving, I went into Petoskey and a garden center outside Harbor Springs, where I loved the stone work.

And of course a stop by the bay...

This zennia-laden fence is typical of what you will see in Petoskey and Bay View --

As is this beautiful inn.
On the road again to meet Rick and his bike buddies for a cookout. His host home graciously allowed me to join him for an unexpected sleepover!

This morning I sent him off (to be picked up later today at Mackinac Bridge) and of course had a make a quick stop at the marina to catch the sun on the beautiful boats and still water.

Time to do art for a few hours till I hit the road... again!


  1. Nice to see your photos. You can capture something beautiful from ordinary things. Come visit my blog at

  2. Such lovely photos! Makes me wish I was right there with ya!

  3. What a wealth of gorgeous photos -- it looks like you're having a wonderful vacation!

    Your friend who quilts, does she also dye her own fabrics? Amazing colors!

  4. Beautiful photos! I love Virgina's quilt and her kitty.

    Great header! I love the picture of Mr. Gypsy!

  5. I didn't think I'd missed checking in on your blog, but looked in and found you have been busily posting lots more wonderful photos and that I had lot to catch up on. So glad to see you are having such an enjoyable vacation! Thanks for sharing part of it.

  6. Great phots! The quilts were beautiful and the zinnias gorgeous!

  7. Fun photos. You really know how to capture and express good times.


  8. You alway have the most gorgeous photos on your blog. Your friend certainly has some wonderful quilts. Enjoy your vacation!

  9. Jeanie,
    I love the easel you found, your zinnias photo and your friend's quilts are gorgeous! Makes me hanker for a trip up north! :)

  10. Wonderful to see your pictures....I love the award-winning quilts of Virginia and zennia-laden fence is great!!
    You ask me how I can write "..didn`t have anything to do.." although we have the wedding at the end of the week....that was only a joke...we say that ironically in German...

  11. these vicarious vacations (thanks to your photos) are wonderful. Honestly, I just want to get in the car and drive!

    BTW, added you to my blogroll - hope that's ok.

  12. Heck with the post! Look at schnookums up there! Awwwww. Ok, now I'll go and read the post! hehe.

  13. Did you find any Petoskey stones? While visiting Charlevoix, I learned all about them. Even found a little) one. Michigan is a gorgeous state. Lucky you. xo

  14. I am so totally behind on every ones blogs. YOu sure did make some awesome pictures and it is just beautiful there. Your friend's kitty reminds me of my Carlitta kitty.

  15. Your photos are so beautiful. I feel like I went on vacation just looking at them! And your title photo. What a wonderful shot of your kitty. I miss art quilting. I would like to get back to that at some point. What is taking up all my time?!?!

  16. Such beautiful sights! Thanks for the tour. xo


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