Monday, June 23, 2014

The Day After -- and the One After That!

I'm not sure how Molly's mom and dad pulled it off, but the day after the wedding, they hosted an open house for family and friends. Because all of us have pretty big families, we could only invite so many to the wedding, so it was a good way for others to celebrate -- and it gave us some time to be together in a less formal situation.

Molly's family live in the country and it was a wonderful setting -- peaceful, laid back and lovely. A good place to just hang out!

Kevin and Molly opened their gifts and we enjoyed talking with each other and catching up.

There were also games like croquet, volleyball and beanbag toss for anyone who wanted to give it a go.

The kids were invited to this one, which gave it a magic all its own.

And the bigger kids even did pull-ups on one of the big, old trees.

After we took off from there, the rest of Rick's family still in town came over for a BBQ and more talk.

The home to bed and off for more fun! This time it was to Rick's aunt's cottage about an hour away. And guess what some of us did as we sat on the dock!

Yup -- Rick caught some Zzz's! Meanwhile I caught up with Rick's aunts and mom and met the new rival for Rick's affections.

I regret to report that he has fallen for a younger woman. I knew the day would come! I just didn't think the competition wouldn't quite yet be two!

This sweet miss has personality plus!

But then, I should have figured it out, because so do her mom and dad!

So, we're slowly getting back to normal. Spinning and the gym, getting the house in order, looking forward to the lake.

And yes, catching up on our rest after all the fun and merriment!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Here Comes the Bride! (And It's Not Me!)

An event more than a year in the making! Last weekend we celebrated Kevin and Molly's wedding!

You'll have to bear with me, because I just have to share, partly because it was fun, partly because I'm so happy for Kevin and partly because we now have a daughter!

 Like all weddings, ours started with the rehearsal -- and then the following morning, we were all out decorating the Grand Ledge Opera House, the wedding's venue. (More on that in a Pink Saturday post, coming soon!) Then came the big day!

We were so excited to see family again -- many of whom we hadn't seen since the last wedding! Rick's gang is spread out all over the country, so it was good to connect.

Before the wedding, the photographer took photos of the wedding party. I was pretty far away, using my zoom -- but when I saw Molly standing on this ledge which was only about a foot wide -- above a deep river (on a windy afternoon), my heart jumped into
my throat!

Fortunately, she's an athlete with great balance and apparently no vertigo! I was awfully glad when she came down!

The photos with the guys (again, shot from far away) were a little more casual!

The ceremony was performed by a family friend. It was warm and personal.

 The wedding music was performed by a former teacher that Kevin had known since middle school.
You'll hear more about him in a bit!

It was fun to see both Kevin and Greg dressed to the nines...

And fun for Rick and me to get dressed that way, too! (And yes, I did find shoes.)

Of course there were the family photos. We don't often get one of Rick's dad, mom and all the brothers, since both his parents are now married to other people, so this was nice.

 Then came the party! The opera house ballroom filled up with people for dinner...

And then came the dancing -- a little more sedate at first....

Then lots of music I'd mostly heard in my spinning class! Only even louder! All of us above a certain age will get junk mail from hearing aid companies -- and if we get one, I'm convinced the wedding will have been one of the reasons why! (That and too many rock concerts when we were in our 20s!)

DJ/violinist Rodney added to that fun by playing along with some of the pieces. Everyone there kept talking about what a fabulous DJ he was (and we agreed!). Anyone planning a wedding in Michigan -- talk to me!

And as it began with Kevin and Molly's dance, it ended that way, too, surrounded by a circle of friends.

And then, it seemed as soon as it began -- although it was really six hours later, off they went, through an archway of loving arms!

I came into Kevin's life when he was seven and I've seen him through Harry Potter and football, high school proms, graduations and jobs so far away it made our heart ache. We'll always be a notch down the 'food chain' now that he has his Molly.

 And that's just the way it should be.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Mega Week!

It's been a busy couple of weeks -- and the busiest weekend (Kevin and Molly's wedding weekend)
 is to come -- all that begins on Thursday with the rehearsal and arrival of family.

So, what's been on my agenda? Well, getting the house together -- 
and the garden, which is mostly all in pots.

And I have to say, it's looking really healthy! Loving every single flower!

Lizzie watches. She's escaped from the house four times and I know 
she is giving me the evil eye, plotting her next attempt. 


I've hit a couple of estate and yard sales, and at one found this lovely white pitcher.

It looks great on the table with my grandmother's china and silver atop a different estate
 sale find, a lovely vintage tablecloth!

I had the great pleasure of hearing Blogger Becca play her handbells at a 
Classical Bells concert. It's a remarkable group with such diverse and 
entertaining music. If you ever have the opportunity to hear them, don't miss it! 
Even better, I got to connect with Becca afterward!

I've been swimming at the pool (and spinning and such). 
But these the photo of these towels were taken at my friend Anne's house, 
when she hosted Cork Poppers.

Speaking of Cork Poppers, look for a post on California Reds sometime soon!
 (They were all good!)

And we said farewell to friend Rhonda, who is leaving our community for 
Washington, DC. Boy, she'll be missed. (And no, we didn't call to 
coordinate wardrobes.)

Yes, it's been a busy couple of weeks. And more to come. 
I'll probably be taking a break from replying to comments for a bit 
(possibly visiting, but I'll try!) and hopefully catch up after the wedding.

Meanwhile, I hope you are having a wonderful week! I know we are!

Friday, June 6, 2014

Just Another Gorgeous Spring

It's odd, saying that it is just another gorgeous spring when in only a 
few weeks we'll be officially into summer!

But it seemed as though it was such a long road this year to even get a spring -- 
we were wondering if we would have one.The beautiful cherry and apple trees that 
bloom so profusely on our MSU campus -- often by the end of April -- 
weren't even starting when blog friend Annie came to visit in mid-May 
and everyone was hesitating to plant their gardens outdoors until we 
were quite sure it wouldn't drop below freezing again -- or even snow. 
But the day came!

For me, it was a trip to the garden center with my friend Jan. It's our annual tradition!

For Rick it was time to get his seedlings in the ground. Take a look at our future strawberry shortcake!

And the bee balm is blooming!

For me, the warm weather has meant time at the pool, trying hard to increase my swimming laps. 
As you can imagine, for Rick, it is time for the bike!

Again, he participated in an event here called "Lucinda Means Advocacy Day," 
named after a friend who was a key advocate for cycling here in Michigan -- 
not just road biking but also riding bicycles to work, using public transportation. 
Sharing the road and protecting cyclists is a major issue.

Every year he participates in an event called the Ride of Silence where cyclists bicycle 
to the capitol building -- in silence -- with a police escort. There is a ceremony 
on the capitol steps where the names are read of cyclists who have been 
killed on the road. It also honors those who have been injured and is very moving.

There is also a "ghost bike" which represents the missing riders.


Earlier in the day, Rick's friend T.J. was recognized. T.J. is so dedicated, 
the joke is that he has no other clothes except bike gear! He's a hard-core rider 
who racks up the miles -- and quite the raconteur when he writes his road stories!


Sharing the road is a thought that rests heavily on my mind as Rick prepares for his 
summer bike-hike, where he plans to ride to Ottawa, Ontario on his bike. 
Alone. In the wilderness. Out of the country. 
You get my angst.


He practiced this weekend with a 200 mile ride with all his gear. Big gulp. 
But after a couple of blown out tires, all was well.

We also did our annual Memorial Day planting of flowers at my parents' graves, 
which is also where her parents and my aunts and their husbands are.

After, a picnic at the Frances Park Rose Garden (too early for roses!) and a trip to Lowes! 
(Which, I might add, was doing big business that day! Everyone had garden on the mind!)

Meanwhile, Lizzie Coco has commandeered the guest room bed as her own...

And she give you the evil eye if you disturb her!

I leave you with words to remember...


And this little heart.


I love spring -- and I can't wait for the next couple weeks and Kevin's wedding!

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