Tuesday, August 5, 2008

V-1: Re-entry is Hard!

Back to the real world, after 10 glorious days away!

We went from sea level… And the beach…
To the mountains!

Listened to the surf…

And rode bikes in the mountains!

Saw my family…

Me with Bonnie, Patty, Mutty, Howard and Kenny, photo courtesy of cousin David!

Howard, Mutty and Jeff

Rick with Patty, Heather and Mark

Rick’s family…

Kathy and Skip with Rick and Me

Good friends...

Jane in Cleveland

Maryanne in Columbia, SC

And even found some vintage glasses and a Feemster slicer (I already have one; had to get another!) at a yard sale! Plus, a $2.00 shower curtain at a thrift shop!

six glasses, $1.25

Feemster's Famous for $1.00!

New Shower curtain: $2.00!

It was a glorious vacation! And we were indescribably happy!
I will be making several “V” posts – or vacation posts over the next few days. Since I missed you all so much while traveling, I thought the least I could do was offer a few souvenirs!

So comments on this post and any marked “V” (this is V-1) will be entered to win my souvenir packet! I’ll post a photo later, but it will include items from West Virginia, Banner Elk (North Carolina) and Myrtle Beach (South Carolina).

Next time: A visit to Cleveland -- then on the road!


Janet said...

Wow! It looks as if you had a great vacation. What could be better than family, friends, food, and bargains! Those glasses are so pretty.

It's good to have you back.

JessInFocus said...

What a great vacation! The best of both worlds (beach and mountains = my favs). Can't get any better than that, plus the family friends and your awesome bargains! Who could beat that?

Glad you are back!

Claire said...

What wonderful pictures! Glad you had a lovely time!


Beth said...

Yay! We get to see all the fun you had and it looks like you had a blast! The pictures are awesome and you look so happy and have a wonderful glow to your smile. Can't wait to see more of the great times you had!!!
Missed You!!!

Joanne Huffman said...

I love your photos (especially the beach ones) and can see why it's hard toget back to real life.


jet1960 said...

Glad you had a great time! I'm looking forward to see more pictures. Nothing like some good food, good friends, lovely scenery, and thrift finds, too!

HerzBlatt said...

Marvellous!!! I am very impressed of your absolutly great nature and all the friendly looking people, who seem to enjoy their lives.....I would like to visit you all and to say "hello...we are from Germany....we love America and its wonderful people....
I love your pictures very much, it`s like being in another world....your world!
See you later!!!

Anonymous said...

it's good to see you are back and bearing gifts too! it is so nice to see you surrounded by your family and friends. doing things you enjoy, biking, cooking, shopping. and you and rick look very rested and content. i am looking forward to more of your "v" photos.


i missed you dear :)

paris parfait said...

Glad you had such a wonderful holiday! Great snaps and I adore those vintage glasses! xo

Anonymous said...

I googled "let Rick ride" 'cause he didn't answer the phone when I called-and I find pictures of you guys at a couple of my favorite places from our years of travel! Those would be Grandfather Mountain (The end of the extremely difficult "Bridge to Bridge" ride, and the Virginia Creeper trail-we've done that half a dozen times, but we always ride up.
I hope to see you and Rick prior to DALMAC-It looks like he'll be pirating it from what I read.
Have him call me.

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