Friday, August 8, 2008

V3 – “Show” and Tell

The reason we went south in the first place was for Rick’s annual trade show, which is held every July in Myrtle Beach.

Rick created a software program to help well drillers manage their business “from estimate through completion of state well compliance logs.” (Let me say all I know about wells is that I probably need one at the cottage.)

I am his willing helper, snagging and holding potential clients and telling them about the program. When I get a break I walk around.

There are lots of trucks.

LOTS of trucks.
This is NOT a PBS trade show. Let’s just say that instead of getting cool swag like DVDs, CDs, autographed books and stuffed animals related to PBS shows you get… well, inflated plastic balls shaped like pumps (I guess you could use it as a beach ball) and ball point pens.

But there are several folks I’ve met I like very much, including Chauncey, one of Rick’s star-users!

But when I left the show… well, that was a different matter!

Early morning at the beach is very quiet.

But then -- playtime!

There is nothing I love more than diving head first into a swelling ocean wave – the force pushes your legs out behind you, buoyant and fluid. I felt like a mermaid, one extended water-creature, moving at one with the sea.

The water is so very warm, and so is the air – so much so that when surfacing, there is no temperature difference! (But we were lucky; not nearly so humid as at other times we’ve been!)

Rick is a "run and leaper," riding the perfect wave!

I smile all the time when I’m there!

I also finished two books, Pattie (Harrison/Clapton) Boyd’s “Wonderful Tonight,” about her life with George Harrison and Eric Clapton and a delightful novel – The Friday Night Knitting Club by Kate Jacobs, which was recommended by Laura at Maude and Mozart and just wonderful.

And of course there were walks on the beach, here looking toward the pier…

And beneath.
Messages in the sand…
That were sadly washed away – not unlike the way things in “real life” are washed away.

There was shelling (those are part of my souvenir packet!)…

Admiring sand castles…
And the colors of the beach – toys…
Colorful umbrellas…

Dashing flags.

Even the colors of the sand and seagrass bring their own calm, though seconds away are the shrieks of laugher as young children dance in the sand.

Dining out was fun too – we especially liked Dirty Don’s.

With a beautiful walk afterwards -- even the evening has its colors.

Leaving the beach was difficult indeed!

But I did get some time in at an outdoor shopping mall, with a wonderful carousel…

And lots of great signs!
Even our little "mom-and-pop" motel, one block from the beach, is colorful.

On Wednesday morning we hit the road for North Carolina… more on that next time!

Remember, anyone commenting on any of the posts marked “V” (This is “V3”) might be chosen to receive my vacation souvenir packet with items from West Virginia, Myrtle Beach, and Banner Elk, North Carolina! Comment on one post or all, to increase your odds!

The packet includes two types of note cards, some rustic color pencils, mini-flipflops that you can use as an ornament or embellishment, a deck of souvenir cards and some shells (not pictured), hand picked up from Myrtle Beach!


beth said...

ahhhhh....those beach pictures were the best !!!

Oh how I want to be a mermaid diving in head first with you !!!

JessInFocus said...

Oh! I miss the beach so much! Looks like suck a great time. The trucks look cool.

JessInFocus said...

I meant such! I need a nap! :) I hate being sleep deprived.

KRCampbellArt said...

Your photos are so great!! I felt like I was there. It's been a while since I was in Myrtle Beach. Wonderful photo of you having fun.
Ludington is popping this weekend with Friday night Live, gold coast art fair, but the summer is definitely coming to an end.

Joanne Huffman said...

Now I really want to go to a beach!...and I also love the carousel photos. I really enjoy reading your vacation entries.


jet1960 said...

OOOooo! Now I'm really jealous! I've been feeling the need to be at the beach lately. We've not been in about 3 years, I think. Back the year before the girls got married, we were blessed to able to take a trip with them. One last trip to the beach the 4 of us, our last one like that. We just didn't know it at the time. I love the beach for the very reasons you captured with your great photos! Something about it just renews a piece of my soul. Lucky you!

Pam Aries said...

Yoo hoo! I a mso sorry you were so close and we didn't get t o hook up! Glad you enjoyed your Southern tour! Yee hawww! THe trucks ! Yep! The beach water is so hot along the shore it feels like hot tap water right now1 We are enjoyong a bit of cooler weather today t ho!

Quiltmoose - Dagmar said...

Your beach photos are soooo inviting!!!

Shelley said...

looks like a great time. Your photos are wonderful, Its just like traveling with you. fun fun. Love the photo of you in the blue with Rick.

Anonymous said...

i didn't know you came from mermaid stock..? you do look happy i must admit :) you took so many great shots during this trip. are you a scrapbooker? a digital you would be a paper scrapper if you are a scrapper at all wouldn't you? you like to get your hands on the materials. it is good to hear it was so relaxing nd i can't help but notice how much affection is shared between you and rick. that's is so great to be able to see :)

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