Friday, February 28, 2014

Round and Round It Goes...

...and where it stops, nobody knows!

Well, Ana knows! She's the one who started a round robin journal that has landed on my art table, waiting for my addition.
Oh, what to do -- the pressure was on! Would it be interesting enough or good enough or creative enough?How would it stack up with the other artists -- Eden Claire, who had already done her piece and all those yet to come?
Talk about inferiority complex! Was I relieved to be second or even more freaked out by that!
The guidelines were simple -- two pages. Your choice of media, no rules. So, I went the collage route, using my gelli and painted deli papers and a few other bits to create "Sail On," a seascape. This is a detail of the left page.
This is the right.
And this is the whole thing -- sorry for the narrow crop! A double click on the photo will enlarge it.
Now it's off to the next contributor and one day will make its way back to Ana. Sail on, journal! I've enjoyed your port of call in Michigan!

Monday, February 24, 2014

Dreaming of France -- Flowers!

As part of Paulita's "Dreaming of France" challenge, I thought I'd take you to the florist!
Watching the salesperson put together the bouquet was great fun. First, you chose several bundles.
Then she wrapped them in a lovely spiral, combining all the flowers.
Finally, she finished it off with a bow and tissue!
Not all florists are as large as the one in the first photo in the Marais where this bouquet was made. I rather liked the exterior of this one, not far from Musee d'Orsay.''
Of course, you don't need to visit a garden or a florist to find lovely flowers in Paris! They are in the cafes...
...and even the courtyards of the apartment buildings.
For more Parisian fun, check out Paulita's post and related links here.
Meanwhile, it's still winter for many of us. Don't you deserve a stop at the flower shop?

Saturday, February 22, 2014

A Sunny Day Does Not a Summer Make

We had a sunny sky yesterday.
Actually, we had one the day before, too. 
It was very promising.
Made me think of all the things I'll enjoy when the sun comes out!
Time at Myrtle Beach for Rick's trade show.
Time at the lake -- I always think of my mom and dad at the lake so many decades before -- how glad they would be that I still love being there!
Fresh berries -- not those styrofoam things they have in the store at this time of year!
Lovely walks under an orange crescent moon.
Walks just about anywhere -- this butterfly sighting was in Banner Elk, NC, but it could be at the lake or some other exciting new spot!
Fresh blueberries.
Fresh herbs.
...and irises...
...and even more flowers in glorious gardens!
The bright colors of spring and summer.
The return of the summer birds.
Music under the stars.
And no more snow, please!
I'm just sayin'...!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014


My computer is sad. After slowing down and down, it just stopped and is currently visiting Dr. Kim, my IT friend from my old job. Recent reports indicate the hard drive is still there and she got it working, so I'll have to get it soon! Meanwhile, keep calm and keep the sledgehammer away from the computer!
Meanwhile, my friend Kate was kind enough to loan me her MAC desktop from her one-time office. Whew and thank you! (however, I can only access previously published photos, so these are some that struck me as I was going through old Picassa web albums!
 The two below are those I thought I'd lost from when we went raptor-spotting!)
But for whatever reason, there are several blogs on which I can't comment because it won't let me choose a profile (yes, I'm logged into google and these are all blogger blogs). So, Sally Tharpe Rowles, Tina Barbour, Nancy, Jo, Jenny, Janet, Bella & Blackstone, Friko, Penny and Willow (and maybe some others...) I have been visiting but can't comment. From what I can tell, I can only comment on blogger posts with a pop-up window. So don't think I've deserted you! I just can't tell you how much I've loved your posts!
The past few days I've been dealing with a sinus infection. Yuck. But it's the first time I've been sick in so long so I can't complain -- and I have to say, it's improving rather fast! Three cheers!
Meanwhile, we have been enduring (as so many of you have) a long cold winter. I have to say that today I'm much relieved -- the sun is out and things are melting a bit. It will be a long while before this snow is gone -- but it gives one hope.
I've been hooked into the Olympics, particularly watching sports that scare the heck out of me! While I love the ice dancing and other skating, I'm equally passionate about the bobsled, the various snowboard and skiing events and speed skating. They just amaze me. Every single one. My heart leaps up to my throat as I'm watching the snowboarders and skiers turn upside down and somehow manage to land right side up. Three cheers!
And I've been enjoying a wonderful book thanks to Becca called "Magical Journey" by Katrina Kineson. Highly recommended, particularly for those of you who have experienced great change and are starting new chapters in our lives. For me, that's retirement. But for some it may be empty-nesting, death of a friend or family member, or similar circumstances. I'll write more on this later but right now what I would say is pick up a copy -- yesterday.
I've been tidying up (not that anyone can tell), going through piles of magazines, books, videos and tossing things or finding new homes. Needless to say, I stop often to read things -- which slows me down. Of course, nothing related to France goes out the window!
In fact, now I'm onto another Aimee Leduc mystery by Cara Black. I really need to read these again in sequence -- this one is from near the beginning of the series. But it reminds me of Paris!
Ana's traveling art journal has arrived at my house and on the schedule over the next couple of days is doing my spread. I'm looking forward to it and I'm glad to be at the beginning -- but also wish I was at the end so I could see everyone else's work!
Meanwhile, my thoughts are occupied with memories of the lake...
...longing for cafe time (like this spot on the Left Bank), but I'd settle for the Bravo table in the middle of the parking lot...
...waiting eagerly to see grass from under the snow and then, one day, flowers!
...and dreaming of a warmer days when I can enjoy outside again. Not that I'd be riding this bike. Instead, I've been spinning and doing the eliptical at our gym. I don't particularly like it, but I am viewing it as a quarter-time job. Ten hours a week. Period. No overtime!
Which brings me to cooking -- Rick gave me a Dutch oven for Christmas and I've discovered the joys of pot roast. I'm looking forward to trying some of Julia's recipes in it, too!
I've periodically been trying to finish off a bear of a scarf. Early arthritis is slowing me down, but I'm getting that thing done before the snow melts. Which could be October.
And I ask you to put out good vibes for several I know who are facing some significant health and medical challenges these days.
I won't go wonky and list their names as they may choose to be private, but trust me, they need all the support they can get right now.
Cheers! See you all soon!

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