Thursday, August 14, 2008

Taking Care of Business!

In sharing with you our vacation fun, The Marmelade Gypsy has left some thanks and “unfinished business” dangling in cyberspace!

First, many thanks to all of you who knew about my birthday and sent along greetings – either online or in the mail! It was a great day! (Actually, it just keeps coming!)

(And the best part is that Rick gave me a laptop, so you won’t have to hear me carp about the borrowed home computer when the screen goes black and I can’t even log off! I will, however, continue to periodically complain about dial-up!)

He also made a great dinner with carrot cake.

Second, thanks for some blog awards! Janet at Lavender Loft recognized me with the Wylde Woman blogger award! Janet's magical drawings (she calls them doodles, and maybe they are, but I think of them as drawings) enchant me!
Just yesterday I learned from one of my favorite artists, Sandra Everston (who is featured in the newest issue of Artful Blogging), that I had won a doll head in her drawing!

I visited her site today and you must too! Her current post is a sweet treat of art, candy, gumballs, but most of all, her creative words – and it’s a feast for the eyes and a smile for the heart.

I’ve not posted any art lately, but recently completed my first row-house trade with Dawn of My Thoughts by Dawn. These are the ones she received from me!

These went to my new art friend Charline!

The two I did for myself capture my mom and her sisters and my grandmother. I don't have the one of mom and the sisses photographed, but here's Grandma (aka Minniewood).

A few days ago, my pal Judy – who is the advocate extraordinare for special needs – asked if I could mention a new campaign launched by the Special Olympics to raise consciousness about the derogatory use of the word “retard” and how it is often used to insult and demean people with intellectual disabilities. For more about this, please visit Winter Ramblings.

Finally, I will announce the winner of my vacation souvenir package on Monday, August 18, so remember – any comment on any of the posts that begin with the letter “V” for “Vacation (“V1,” “V2,” etc.) are entered!

Next week: Some “craft camp” creations (I hope!)


Janet said...

Yum....carrot cake! Did you save me a piece?? How nice to have a new laptop, too. Sounds like a good birthday.

Your house cards are great! And I especially love the one with the button paper, and of course the one with your grandmother.

Rosa said...

TCB, indeed! Oh, I do need a slice of that carrot cake! I am so sorry I missed your birthday. I have just been so darn busy. I sure hope you are continuing to celebrate my friend. Bella and I send our love (in fact, come visit to pick up your love not from Bella, herself). Enjoy your weekend and keep on enjoying your "week." xo

Joanne Huffman said...

Belated Happy Birthday.


Anonymous said...

A wonderful entry, full of joy, energy and art! You've inspired me; I'm heading upstairs (to office) to put aside the written word and play, instead, with some photos and torn out magazine pages.
Happy (belated) Birthday!

Pam Aries said...

Happy DAY!!!!!!Oh man..I do love carrot cake..I might have t ofight Janet..heh heh.. Altho my favorite is chocolat! how are you doing?

beth said...

pcraxlkzOH CRAP....when did I miss your birthday....what day was it??

and does this make you a Leo with me ??

JessInFocus said...

That is such an adorable cake! Looks like you had a fantastic birthday.

jet1960 said...

Sounds like Rick helped make your birthday a special day! Love the houses! That's something I've not tried yet. Your's are beautiful!

Naturegirl said...

Well Happy belated Birthday pretty lady! carrot cake! Isn't that so sweet when our hubbys remember to give us a cake!

Judy Winter said...

Huge thanks, JC, for helping me spread the word about the value of those with special needs. Adding our voices to improve the lives of others does make a difference!

Tell Rick I'm impressed with the cool gift he gave you!



Karen Owen said...

Happy birthday! The carrot cake looked yummy! I love your row houses, and they are going to some lucky recipients. Finally, congrats on winning Sandra's doll head. That's a great birthday gift.

Tina Leavy said...

ooh what a nice looking birthday. Happy Belated Birthday wishes..gosh am I so far behind on catching up with my blog friends.
So nice to put a face to your blog too.
hugs and have a good week.

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