Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Holidays with Family and Friends!

Before signing off for the new year, here are a few favorite moments from holidays with family and friends! (In no particular order!)

Of course, celebrating with Rick and the kids was the best! (And I got a scanner -- I couldn't believe it!)

One of Rick's gifts was a painting (a painted notecard) by his cousin Andy, who died this fall. She'd sent it to me years ago as a thank you note; it got where it belonged.

Of course, there were cookies, decorated with care on Christmas Eve. (We also watched old home movies of the kids -- long before my time!)

And we enjoyed lots of good laughs.

Of course we took memory photos. (I feel like a dwarf here!)

Don't think we were the only ones who opened things. Could one not give a present to this boy?

On Christmas Evening my friend Richard stopped by for dessert! He has worked with children at a local elementary school in cleaning crystals to sell. All profits go to the food bank, and they have made around $1,700. And, the kids have learned a valuable lesson in volunteering and thinking outside themselves.

I enjoyed good times with lots of friends. At my pal Judy's (of Winter Ramblings), we celebrated on Boxing Day, along with Judy's daughter Jenna, Erik and the dogs!

Judy and I go back a long time!

On Saturday, we celebrated with friends Mark and Jan. Each year we pick a Christmas song and base our gifts around that theme (like "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree" or "White Christmas"). This year we chose "Dysfunctional Family Christmas" -- a medley from the "Saturday Night Live" days, circa Phil Hartman. You've got to know the songs in the medley to really appreciate this, but Jan broke the whopee cushion when she sat on it. Here they are enjoying the "Dysfunctional Family Fun Book."

On Sunday, we enjoyed a wonderful brunch with our wine group. Here are the women!

Barb's breakfast was to die for! The appetizers and desserts were nothing to pass up, either! The guys watched the Lions lose (again) while I learned euchere. Then I got to come home with this one!

And what did I come home to? You guessed it!

Gotta love that face!

I'll have the blogaversary drawing sometime after midnight and post the winner soon! Good luck to everyone and thanks for your visits and comments during my blogaversary month!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Looking Back -- August through November

More looking back in 2008...

The Marmelade Gypsy and I say hello!

My wonderful women friends and I celebrated Halloween in style!

Gotta love a Gypsy!

My friend Nancy, from Colorado, visited. I've known her since I was four!

It was fun talking with my 100-year-old neighbor, Eulah, during lake visits.

A visit to Canada in October brought good times with my old high school friend Suzanne and two wonderful theatre experiences at Shaw Festival. (Not to mention hitting a couple of great yarn shops!)

Visits to the farm market continued. I loved this image from a garden shop at the market.

Rick and I loved our travels to Myrtle Beach for his trade show. It meant lots of beach time!

And time to do a little photography along the way!

When we visited Rick's dad in North Carolina, we enjoyed a long bike ride on the Virginia Creeper Trail! (Well, it was more sitting on the bike for 18 miles, rather than pedaling as it was all downhill, but more fun than anything!)

And we went to wonderful Grandfather Mountain with its mile-high views!

While on the Creeper Trail, I was able to capture these gorgeous butterflies with the camera. They were everywhere and they were fabulous!

Thanks for stepping back on memory lane with me! Don't forget -- comments through midnight on December 31 are entered into the blogaversary drawing!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Looking Back -- May through July 2008

More looking back on 2008!

We thoroughly enjoyed hanging out with our wine tasting friends -- good fellowship, good food, and good wine, all shared with lots of laughs!

I loved every visit to every farm market I visited!

Rick and I enjoyed a canoe trip on the Au Sable River in early July. It was absolutely beautiful and a terrific time.

Of course, anytime at the lake with Gypsy and Somerset Life (or Studio or Artful Blogging or Cloth, Paper Scissors) brings great joy! (and creativity!)

Sunsets at the lake were the best!

While up north, I visited Stonehedge Fiber Farm, home of my beloved Shepherd's Wool! A fascinating, tiny little mill where I was warmly welcomed.

I enjoyed lovely time at the lake, though not enough of them. I especially loved watching the ducks who came by regularly, often sunning themselves on the beach.

My friend Kate and I enjoyed learning new art skills at Artiscape in Sandusky. (This was actually in April, but I'm not sure how to juggle the photo and don't have it on the home computer!)

On the not-so-good side, a bad June storm ripped up trees at my house and Rick's -- but we were lucky. Tornadoes took out tons of trees in many old, beautiful neighborhoods.

This was the time we spent lots of time at the hospital with Greg as he had his cancer surgery.

But there was time for photography, and my season for flowers and color.

I simply loved looking out in the yard when my neighbor Rosie -- whose garden is gorgeous -- would dry her beautiful lace.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Looking Back -- January through April 2008

Here are a few highlights from my 2008 photo album!

Meeting CPS editor Pokey Bolton at the NETA meeting in Columbus!

A late-in-the-season snow and ice storm brought frustrations, but great photos!

Dying eggs with our friends Mark and Jan at Easter! (Followed by an annual viewing of "Life of Brian.")

Spring has sprung!

My kitchen was repainted, thanks to my friend, the enterprising Kate! (which has nothing to do with the springy paint above)

I thoroughly enjoyed coordinating WKAR's "Rolling" event, focusing on those using wheelchairs. Our community advisor was Judy Winter, my longtime friend, Winter Ramblings blog guru and author!

Mark, Jan, Rick and I went on a raptor-spotting excursion and saw some amazing hawks and eagles!
I enjoyed fun times with great friends!

Don't forget, the blogaversary drawing ends at midnight -- December 31! On New Year's day, I'll draw the winner!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Pink Poinsettias

It's Pink Saturday, and as we wrap up the holiday season, here are some lovely poinsettias -- pink, of course! (Don't forget to visit How Sweet the Sound for more Pink Posts!)

Happy New Year!

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