Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Welcome to the Lake 2010!

There are givens each year when we return to Otsego Lake. One is that we will have many glorious sunsets throughout the summer.

Another is that we will return to "old friends" like this pitcher...

...the old cookie jar from my childhood...

...the "chicken" which holds our matches to keep them dry...

...the tin wash tub that doubles as a popcorn bowl...

...the carved fish on our fireplace mantle... of the best photos I ever did and for which I no longer have the original slide.

...the chicken lamp, with its yellow cotton yarn shade. We've had this as long as I can remember, and truth be told, it isn't beautiful. But it's eclectic and I could never part with it.

It's hard to describe how much I look forward to seeing these things -- old pieces, from my family, things seen one season each year. I know their stories, and I treasure them.

We know we will have unexpected surprises -- in this case, it was a broken water pipe that kept Rick under the house for a good 12 hours off and on, with numerous trips to the hardware store! But we did get water, and that meant time for loafing...


...nature watching, as two phalanxes of Canadian geese moved gently across the water. I've never seen geese there before, only flocks of ducks, which we also saw. It was majestic, stately, impressive.

Rick, of course, had time to ride...

...and play guitar...

...and Gypsy got to explore his old haunts inside the house and on the porch.

I got some flowers planted, read an Aimee Leduc mystery (soon on Chopsticks and String; "American Eve" is featured there now) and placed with pride the beautiful painting my cousin Patty did for the cottage.

And we were able to enjoy my friend Rhonda Buckley in a terrific saxophone concert at a nearby resort.

Here she is with her wonderful pianist, Arlene McDaniel, and her mentor, Seraphime Mike, who joined Rhonda for a couple of duets.

The summer season has begun. And life is good.

Very good.

Monday, June 28, 2010

MSU Museum: Cuesta's Quilting Project

Another visit to the MSU Museum, this time to look at quilts!

This exhibit salutes the quilts inspired by Cuesta Benberry, an African American quilter who spent her life focusing on African American quiltmaking in particular. Her legacy of scholarship was extensive and astounding.

Here are a few of the quilts I most loved from this exhibit, along with the descriptions that accompanied them (for my quiltmaking blog readers!)

(Sorry -- I've rotated and rotated this; it doesn't take!)

Quite a legacy, isn't it? I'm continually inspired by the beautiful work I see by quilters -- it's not my art; I don't have the patience. But how I love what you do.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

MSU Museum: Dear Mr. Mandela, Dear Mrs. Parks

(Note: On Chopsticks and String, learn about "American Eve," the story of the Evelyn Nesbit/Stanford White/Harry K. Thaw triangle and the Crime of the Century.)

When working for Be a Tourist in Your Own Town at the MSU Museum, one of my favorite exhibits was "Dear Mr. Mandela, Dear Mrs. Parks."

If focused on the contributions of Nelson Mandela and Rosa Parks and the letters written to them by young and old over time.

It also encouraged people to write letters to those they cared about and share them with the museum.

They're posted on a line in the exhibit and some are quite touching.

I particularly loved this one from a man to his father. I hope if you click on it, you'll be able to read it.

Also posted were comments from both Parks...

...and Mandela.

They are words worth remembering.

And as always, thank you for your comments!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Bushy Is Back!

The other day, Bushy the Squirrel shimmied up the bird feeder pole, smack in front of Gypsy who hissed at him.

He shimmied down quickly.

He's back. And the gig is up -- he knows he's safe!

And he's bold.

I went right outside and while he looked up...

...he didn't shy away! He just let me shoot while he ate...

...and ate...

...and ate.

...and ate.

Gyp needs to sharpen up his act.

Or else his bird friends aren't going to have much left for them!

(Note: There's a look at "American Eve," the story of the Evelyn Nesbit/Harry K. Thaw/Stanford White trial on Chopsticks and String!)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Few of My Favorite Dads

I didn't really miss Father's Day, because I got to celebrate with my favorite Dad and his two kids! (Who helped me pull together a terrific cookout -- and Kevin's friend Molly came, too!)

Then there's this dad -- my dad! This was from our early years!

And here is is with his dad!

And mom's dad is at the center of this family portrait -- boy, what a bunch of kids! Imagine -- 90 years later, we still summer at the same lake!

And then there's my uncle, Marty, who isn't with us anymore either. He was a gem.

Golly, a bunch of dads not here anymore. And Rick had me worried with his accident last November! He'd better stick around!

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