Wednesday, August 6, 2008

V2 – Why Birthdays are Good

We started our vacation with a stop in Cleveland to visit friends and family.

My friend Jane (the ultimate foodie, historian and expert in all things dish-related, among others!) took Rick and I to lunch at a fabulous Chinese restaurant called Ariyoshi as a late birthday celebration for Rick and an early one for me.
The restaurant is located in Cleveland Heights and was simple, elegant and divine.

he walk there as fun, too. I loved this mural on a building near where we parked.

While Rick went to a bike shop (of course!), Jane and I did my birthday presents and there were many lovely things, but I especially loved an autographed book of Doonesbury cartoons!

Then we toured both Jane’s garden …

and her neighbor’s. Does anyone know what these are? I want to plant them.

It was off to the cousins for a cookout/eat-in! A number of us got birthday gifts, as we had late and early celebrants in the group!

Patty received a very tiny easel, among other things!

Bonnie got more than one tote bag!

Rick received author Scott Raab's book of celebrity interviews. The cousins knew him during his Cleveland days.
I loved all the gifts from my cousins, but was especially moved by Cousin Patty’s painting of a wee orange kitten that looked exactly like Gypsy when he came into my life as an abandoned kitten.
Patty is incredibly talented and I hope she starts a blog sometime!

Then it was off to Chagrin Falls for quick sleep (courtesy of these reprobates!) and back on the road the next day.

A fun stop was lunch at the Tamarack Crafts Center, which had an enormous shop featuring all West Virginia artists. (There is something from this place in the souvenir package! Will it be yours?)

After 13 hours in the car, we landed in Myrtle Beach… more about the Beach next time!

(Remember, anyone commenting on any of the posts marked “V” (This is “V2" might be chosen to receive my vacation souvenir packet with items from West Virginia, Myrtle Beach, and Banner Elk, North Carolina!)


Janet said...

I just love the painting of the kitten among the watermelons....two of my favorite things!! I hope your cousing starts a blog, too. I'd love to see more of her work.

Joanne Huffman said...

How cool to celebrate a batch of birthdays. And the painting is great.


Unknown said...

Nice photos! Happy birthday to everyone!

Sugar Bear said...

Sounds like fun! Is that you in any of the photos?

Beth said...

I Love the painting of the kitty too. I hope she starts a blog. You sure did have a wonderful time. Love seeing the pics!

Linda Jo said...

Happy birthday to you! Great was had!

Karen Owen said...

What fun! I love the painting of the kitten in the watermelons. That kitten looks just like my Pumpkin did.

HerzBlatt said...

More...more...more pictures, is so interesting watching you all and taking part of your trip...I love it very much.....far away from Germany.....
I would like to send you the know, what I mean....please send me your address...then I`ll send them to you...
best wishes,

JessInFocus said...

The painting of the kitten is great! What fun! Looks like you all had a blast.

Anonymous said...

i love that painting too! how sweet and although never knew the gypsy during his childhood days i can imagine him as cute as that muffin is. she is good!

paris parfait said...

Looks like so much fun - good friends, lovely presents and travel! xoxox

jet1960 said...

What a sweet painting! That will be a special treasure. What does the Gypsy think of it? Enjoyed seeing more of your adventures! Thanks for sharing.

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