Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Postcards from the Lake: Appreciating All that is Summer

Our lake holiday has settled in with long, beautiful days, long swims in the only slightly cool water and dinner from the grill -- chicken and pork chops, pasta salad, fruit salad, corn on the cob and loads of sweet Michigan cherries. All good. Just about all of them ending with a beautiful sunset.

My walks bring a lovely landscape. This garden (actually photographed earlier; I'll do an update!) is particularly lovely and well tended.

I loved the planter this woman's mom made for her -- covering mailbox with stone. Now it has some greenery peeking out of the top.

And I always check out the Little Free Library. On one walk, I met the "librarian" who tends it. I have a few contributions to make on one of my sojourns!

My cousin Jack came for the day. He lives in China but spends a couple of months here in the summer and it was good to catch up with him.

Rick's been practicing, providing a lovely soundtrack!

I've been painting and reading and recently proofed a copy of an upcoming book called "Red Jacket" for my friend and writer Richard Lassin. He hopes to have it on Amazon in the next month or two and I found it a very satisfying read. It's a story that combines the history of Michigan's Copper Country with some suspense, mystery, danger, past lives and romance. I'll have more on this when it's ready to read for all!

Our first visit and time together here with Rick has been all too short and combined with tasks (tackling the weedy beach and raking pine needles) but it has also been a good one. Easy and breezy!

After all,  when you days begin to slow down with this...

...and end like this...

...what's not to love?

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Postcards from the Lake: Settling In

My happy place.

No, I didn't mess with color or filters on this.

Just another night (or couple of nights in Paradise.)

The Duckster family does their nightly duck-rotabtics out in front of the house.

Then they settle down and head to their evening nesting.

Lizzie and I settled into cottage life. She, checking out her surroundings..., taking daily walks ...

...getting ready to plant...

...and painting.

So far, four watercolors done (or nearly. I fuss). This one is Chateau Frontenac in Quebec City, and a copy, more or less from another painting. I claim no originality, only whatever technique I have.

This is from one of my photos -- Martha's VIneyard.

And done. Unless I go put another wash or two of shadow on it. (Yes, I fuss.)

There's work to be done. I've been raking pine needles, weeding the beach and must call to have this partially uprooted tree removed before it falls on something.

But all good. And even better, because now Rick is here. Settling in...

...and life is good.

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Saturday, July 14, 2018

Paris In July: Paris in Black and White

Sometimes I get so "into" a color photograph and there's so much to see that I actually miss something. So, here is a tour of Paris in black and white.

Stravinsky Fountain 


Opera Garnier


Interior, Opera Garnier


Opera Garnier Auditorium


Parisian Courtyard, Marais


Paris Apartment View,  Marais

Notre Dame


Gargoyles, Notre Dame


The Seine


Medici Fountain, Jardin du Luxembourg

Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower detail 

Tuileries Cart

Tuileries Sailboat

Montmartre Street


Sacre Coeur


Montmartre Cemetery Cat, Waiting for her Next Life


Champagne in Montmartre

La Patisserie

Hidden in a Courtyard, Marais


 Thanks for joining me for Paris in July. Visit Tamara for links to more Paris and French-themed posts!

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Wednesday, July 11, 2018


Welcoming our newest Baby Grand, Cameron Joseph or C.J., at long last!

I've wanted to post for a bit but Kevin and Molly -- after all the wait (including the overdue date of nine days!) -- didn't want public posts till after they announced it. All well and good.

But the last time they waited and waited (Carson was born February 27 and they didn't put anything online till March 4!). Because they never told us not to, I did a post on it -- and heard about it! So, I  waited (though some of you already know because a massive email went out the next day.)

Fortunately, this time was faster -- He was born late Monday night and today is Wednesday and I'm so excited I can share!

Actually, Rick never heard that story and posted a very oblique post about "a baby was born -- Film at 11!" with no identifying names or tags or info and Robin, Kevin's mom, whipped the tablet from his hands and deleted it! (Rick would have deleted it himself, once he understood the background, but he didn't have a chance.)

But it's our happy news too and heaven knows a whole lot of people have been waiting to hear. So finally we can say!

We drove down as soon as we got the call he was on the way -- a little over an hour, leaving about 9:30 p.m., and when we got there, waited with Robin and her husband Mick while "family bonding time" was going on. When we all finally got to see him, it was a pretty hurried up thing. We were there all of about a half hour before getting kicked out for feeding time. (And probably a well-deserved nap for Molly who did the hard work!)

There was just enough time for each of us to sit down and pose with the baby for about a minute or two each, hug the parents and leave. It was pretty rushed. Then we headed home. Actually, we felt pretty dazed and confused on the way home and sort of wished we'd waited till morning to come when everyone was more awake and there would be more time together.  But you never know. And I was a little worried about Molly. We just wanted to make sure she and the baby would be all right.

Don't ask me who he looks like. He looks like a baby. Fuchsia and little.

AKA Pantone 1765 U. (Photo courtesy tumbler)

Molly posted a photo today and he's much less pink and more fleshy. I'd be pink too if I had been hanging out in a nice warm safe place!

Finally, after not being at the lake for ten of the hottest days of the year, I am at the cottage, relieved to be out of town at long last. Waiting in Lansing during the biggest heat wave in ages was a little bit of hell, made slightly better by a blessed few days with Rick's aunt and cousins, dinners with some friends (thanks, Carol, Kate and Mike!), a movie and the pool when it wasn't too sunny. (I'm having lip issues again and pretty freaked by the sun these days, so playing it easy till I get an opinion from the doc.)

(I might add that no one forced us to stay home; it was our choice.)

So, here's this adorable little guy -- coming into a world full of awful stuff. Intolerance, violence, global warming, school shootings, potential wars, racism and xenophobia, moral corruption and a very scary national and global future. And potholes. I wish our little guy well. He will need love and good upbringing to be able to cope with these things.

My wish for him is to be kind. Kind and caring first. And happy. Being smart, charming, creative, athletic, cute, clever doesn't matter a bit if one isn't kind and happy.

And with his mom and dad, his sweet brother as a role model and all the people who love him, I think he stands a chance. A really good chance.

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