Thursday, May 31, 2018

Lazy Days -- Sort of!

Someone once said, "I don't see why you get so excited about holiday weekends. Isn't every day a holiday when you are retired?"

Yes. And no. I try to live by some routine, but it is my routine and not dictated by work demands, so yes. But still, there is something special about a few free days. Part of it is that Rick isn't working then so we have more time together. And part is "just because."

The past few days brought some good fun. Because it was so warm, there were a couple of grill days. Rick made burger buns and they were just delicious! Made the burger all the tastier!

And before it got to be in the 90s, I made this delicious brown butter rhubarb cake, courtesy of a recipe on A Delightful Repast. (Thanks, Jean!) My friend Kate passed on some rhubarb and it was a wonderful recipe. The little bit on the top was a drizzle of a cinnamon glaze -- just powdered sugar, cinnamon and enough milk (not much) to make it "glazey."

I enjoyed several nice walks to the Ditch and saw my new friends!

When the first thing you see as you cross the street into the path is this, you know it's going to be a great Doe-a-deer day!

Harry was out, too.

And I met a lovely dog who was very good about not barking in the presence of the deer...

...or this goose family.

And I loved this photo -- the water looks almost like marbled paper. It's good to see new life at the Ditch.

Rick's in the process of stripping doors and bringing them back to their natural wood look and it's a bigger project than he thought. The weather isn't helping. But we took a break to do cemetery flowers, and after I got the rest of my plants in pots and seeds in the ground.

There was time at the pool, time to paint, time to prep for a short trip and time with friends. Just a laid-back time.

And really, isn't that what holiday weekends are all about?

Note about comment reply: I'm still not getting comment notifications sent to my email like usual. I've heard some of you are experiencing the same. I'm hoping it's a Blogger issue that will be fixed vs. provider issue, although neither is good. So, for right now, I mgiht not be answering your wonderful and most appreciated comments but I will be reading them and if you have a question will try to reply either via email if I have your address or on your blog if I don't. I have a hectic few days ahead so it might be early on next week.

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Monday, May 28, 2018

Southern Exposure: Log Planter

Heavy sigh. Our last visit to Southern Exposure until fall. But we had a wonderful project, filling a log planter and the gardens are coming on strong! Come on in!

Does it feel redundant, these photos? Sometimes I think it must, but I can't resist shooting the same thing over and over! (And I can tell the difference!)

I especially loved the allium which had come out in full bloom.

This tulip was absolutely glorious, just radiant in the late afternoon light.

And this time the white bleeding hearts were out as well as the pink.

Everywhere you look there is a lovely vignette, whether it is in the greenhouse...

...or hanging on the side of the outhouse (not in use, apart from holding pots and tools!)

There is even thought to the type of greenery that might look most interesting. I love the detail on these leaves.

And check out the golden glow behind the vintage car!

My partner in creative crime this night was my friend Jan. We celebrated Jan's birthday and it was also the anniversary of saying farewell to the Marmelade Gypsy six years ago. It was a good place to be on that night.

We paid our respects to the chickens again. We had chicken for dinner but we didn't mention it to the birds!

As always, we enjoyed a beautiful lovely table setting with that very tasty dinner!

Then it was on to the craft tent where we were greeted with a dirt-filled planter made from logs from downed trees on the Southern Exposure grounds. They were filled with a variety of plants including kale, zinnia, peas, mini-basil and coleus.

And in my garden it looks pretty darned cute! It'll stay there till I head north for the summer and then join me on the road trip!

And until Autumn, this will be the last Southern Exposure venture.

But we'll be back! And I can't wait to see what will be in store!

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Time for Tea!

I'm revisiting a pair of tea parties today -- some special memories from favorite teas past and present!

Perhaps my favorite had to be the two make-and-take teas my friend Barb and I put on.

We drew together a small group of friends, did a creative project and then had tea! You can find the original posts HERE and HERE. We made handpainted silk scarves one time (below) and twig wreaths another.

Then it was time for tea! Of course we brought out favorite vintage teacups...

...and vintage teapots, too.

And we prepared quite a feast!

Party favors are a must. One one year I did little bookmarks and Barb made individual rose and carnation bouquets.

The other tea included a little plant to take home.

Of course you have to have plenty of tasty goodies!

And we had plenty! Savory...

...and sweet!

And even some that were healthy, too!

But best of all was good company, good manners and good fun!

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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Royal Wedding Day!

I don't remember when I fell in love with England but I think my high school English Lit teacher, Miss Ludwig, may have had something to do with it. England was "her place" and in addition to being the hardest teacher ever, she was one of the most interesting, peppering her talks about Thomas Hardy, Dickens and Shakespeare with slides from her trips and wonderful bits of history.

The September that I graduated from college and before starting grad school for the first time (1973), my mom and I went to England. The timing was fortuitous, because shortly after she was diagnosed with cancer and it was our last trip together. I didn't return until an extended layover with Rick six years ago. (But we're headed back in October!) So, my England is one of memories and history.

I have a pretty extensive collection of books related to England and the Royals, along with loads of Brit Lit, along with coronation cups, tins, plates and dishes that I've collected over the years. I decided to put it to use for the Royal Wedding.

My friend Carol was coming at the crack of dawn. Well, actually, pre-dawn, so the day before I made my scone dough (Marilyn's wonderful recipe from her "Tea Party in My Cupboard" book) and froze it to bake off and dipped the strawberries. (I knew a frozen quiche would have to do at that hour.)

I also got a few flowers for my garden and loosely planted them in some of my royal mugs.

This is the oldest -- Edward VII and Alexandra.

Here we salute the Queen.

The Charles/Diana cup went atop the Elizabeth/Philip tin. (Only fitting -- Harry's parents and grandparents.)

And this one, on the sideboard, was an error in timing -- the Coronation of King Edward VIII. And yes, if you remember your English history or watched "The Crown" you will know that never happened.

Mom's silver. Royal Doulton plates, atop a pink and white cloth over a crocheted lace confection. Do you recognize it, Linda? You should!

A little lemon curd and ginger marmalade (because Harry is, after all, as ginger as Gypsy was!), shortbread and tea and we were good to go.

Carol and I had our hats (Mine was a tad small and sat more on the back of my head!)...

...and we enjoyed the Royal Wedding Bingo from Thekittchen that I learned about from a host of Decor to Adore posts about the Royal Weddings present and past. (Laura's posts are a fabulous history lesson in themselves. If you don't know her blog and are into all things royal, check it out!)

Of course I took photos from the telly, even though I knew they would be much better if I just "borrowed" them from the internet.

I loved the ceremony but I wonder what the Queen thought. (Here's a fun fact -- Lizzie is named after the Queen -- she came into my life on Jubilee year.) Lizzie chimed in with a few meows, endearing herself to the allergic Carol! I love the pageantry of it all and the smiles, gorgeous music and Bishop Curry's exuberant homily. Oh yes, and Charlotte -- she's got the wave thing down pat!

And of course this photo -- fuzzy but so lovely. The thing I loved most about the dress was the very sheer train with the symbolic embroidery along the edge. It doesn't show in this photo but it was wonderful to see the tile of the chapel underneath the train.

It seems like recent weeks have been filled with bad news and sad things, both in ways more personal, affecting friends, and on a larger, more global scale. The thought of one more shooting on the Friday before the Royal Wedding (and apparently another later) just makes it feel a bit hopeless at times. It was lovely to see two people who do good things, who have had their personal struggles in the past, find happiness.

We all need a little happiness, a bit of diversion and love. Flowery hats and scones are good, too.

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