Friday, August 29, 2008

I Just Can't Stop

I really don't know where the time goes. My lake days are totally unstructured. I was up early enough, but somehow didn't manage to eat breakfast till close to noon. I just wasn't hungry, and who's to care?

About the only schedule that matters is feeding the Gypsy. No feedee, no peace-y.

I had fine intentions of getting into town to do some Christmas shopping (I know, I'm one of THOSE people, but if I'm not, I curse myself for passing something up. Not to mention, shopping early helps control panic VISA use...)

But I did lovely fun things all day yesterday...

Here's my little workspace -- the lake is in front of me and my duck pal is floating around.

Every now and then, I look out and see that the Executive Assistant has to survey the area. (Then he will take a massive leap and run after what I hope -- but doubt -- is a phantom mouse. Alas, I feel that we are not alone...)

I more or less finished an earlier project -- a journal. Can't do more up here, having left home a vial of carefully chosen embellishments. And I want to do fibers on the spiral and those are home, too. But pretty close.

Did a bit more on the composition book journals. Another layer of paint and starting to embellish.

These are time consuming but I'm liking them. And for $1.00 each at the dollar store, worthy of additional purchases.

More cards. Again, some of the finishing touches will need to be done at home but I'm making tracks.

And a few tags. More of those tomorrow.

This is my display and storage area! Not everything is there but you get the idea. I can live comfortably when it's just MY mess!

Then I painted what little silk I had left at home -- two habotai scarves and five handkerchiefs.

The scarves will get another layer and I'll show you those again later with the final touches.

Meanwhile, the hankies are a bit of a dilemma. No one wants to buy hankies anymore. So I find creative uses for them...

The catkerchief is a fun one, and I have a great model!

(There's also good for little sachets.)

And, I got organized for another round of tag recipe books!

I got about halfway through another knitted dish cloth and finished the fabulous Crazy Aunt Purl book.

So, today I'll go meet Virginia (we changed the date) and then meet Rick and his bicycle buddies for dinner after their third 100-mile day. I'm a little nervous because I have to drive by the Stonehedge Fiber Farm to get there. The operative term being "drive by."

Should be a good day.


Joanne Huffman said...

Did I mention I love the banner? Your lake time sounds so idyllic; you make wonderful use of your time.


JessInFocus said...

I do that on the weekends. I normally don't eat "breakfast" till 10-12. Cliff makes fun of me because I will notmally eat lunch instead. To him the idea of eating a lunch at 10am is crazy.

I am loving your lake pictures. It looks and sounds like a wonderful place. What a great place to be creative.

jet1960 said...

Yes, I love your new banner, too! Very handsome!

Wow, looks like you are getting a lot done! How did you do the papers on the front of the composition journals! Those are gorgeous! You'e made them look very expensive and artsy classy!

Love the tags and cards, too!

Hope I get to work on some art this next week off.

Karen Owen said...

For someone who is supposed to be on vacation, you sure are working a lot! But it's all fun work, right? And it's all beautiful. Love the journals, tags, scarves. The scarves just look yummy.

Jeanne said...

I love all you share.
I love Petosky Michigan.
L:ove you

Rosa said...

Love the kittychief. Do you actually paint them? Wow. They look absolutely beautiful.

paris parfait said...

You have been very productive! I need to take a leaf from your book, as I let too many people dictate my schedule, sometimes. xo

Bree said...

I love your composition covers. Do you use the regular cardboard black/white covered composition books? If so, now is a great time to purchase more, I just saw them at Target for $.35.

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