Friday, August 8, 2008

V4 -- On the Road Again

And going UP!

Wednesday morning, after a walk on the beach, we found ourselves on the road again, saying farewell to Myrtle Beach.

Our first stop was at one of the many produce stands we saw throughout the Carolinas for amazing peaches, sweet potatoes, jams and tomatoes.

The peaches were TOTALLY to die for. They were ripe to perfection and so sweet! (We enjoyed them for dessert and breakfast for several days!)

The jam looks great, too!

Then we headed to Columbia, where I met up with my public telly pals at NETA – what a welcome they gave us!

My buddy Maryanne is a knitter! I delivered to her some Shepherd’s Wool from Stonehedge!

She took Rick and me, along with other NETA colleagues, to lunch at Don’s Barbecue. Unbelievable! Lunch could not be believed!

Then it was back in the car and up to Banner Elk, NC... to spend a few days with Rick’s dad and stepmom, Kathy.

They one mile high on Sugar Mountain. The view was amazing – but poor Rick had to climb the mountain to get home from his mountain bike ride. Actually, he had been climbing mountains for about three hours before, but that last one is a doozie!

The first night we enjoyed a terrific dinner! We brought grouper from SC and Rick and his dad cooked it up!

While Rick was riding, Kathy (a realtor) took me to view a $2.2 million dollar house that was on the market.

It doesn’t look too big from the front, does it? But it was huge (though the kitchen, while well appointed, wasn’t as cool as the one that was a bit less expensive we also visited).

I especially liked the long-handled faucet over the stove so you don’t have to lift your pans from the sink to stove and the fridge, which beeped if left open!

The house had a wine cellar, tasting room, theatre (not as big as yours, Suzanne – only 8 seats, a smaller screen and not quite as cool as the Leworthy Bijou, but still very nice, with great chairs!), two fireplaces, big rooms. And a drop-dead view.

Later we went to a spot called “The Great Train Robbery,” a very nice shop where I found something to include in the souvenir packet! I loved the chairs on the porch.

Then home, to dinner and time to knit on the porch while watching the birds!

I was captivated by the birds that came to the feeder.

The hummingbird shots didn’t come out well, but I couldn’t stop shooting!

Then it was time for dominoes – that’s a new game for me – I loved it!

Next post: Jeanie confronts her two-wheeled demons, biking on a mountain.

(Remember, anyone commenting on any of the posts marked “V” (This is “V4”) might be chosen to receive my vacation souvenir packet with items from West Virginia, Myrtle Beach, and Banner Elk, North Carolina!)

Here’s a photo – it includes two types of note cards, some rustic color pencils, mini-flipflops that you can use as an ornament or embellishment, a deck of souvenir cards and some shells (not pictured), hand picked up from Myrtle Beach!


Quiltmoose - Dagmar said...

Your photos are gorgeous! You are such a talented photographer!!
Thanks for sharing your impressions. I almost feel like I had been with you ;-)


jet1960 said...

Enjoying your vacation through your lovely photos! Love the one of the bird with the scenery in the background. They must have some great views!

Rosa said...

Your friend looks thrilled with the wool! Now, I have to ask. Did they dip the peaches in boiling water to help peel them? If they're ripe, that works. If they aren't, it doesn't. Sweet birds. Aw.

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