Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Craft Camp (and Vacation Drawing Winner!)

Once a year, my buddy Kate and I head north with a trunk full of art supplies, art books, magazines, and tasty sustenance and do what we call “craft camp.” Two days of fun and playing!

We headed up on Friday afternoon, where we did a late birthday celebration. Needless to say, many of my gifts from Kate were art-oriented and I couldn’t have been happier!

We opened on the beach, eating crackers jalapeno jelly (made by my pal Barb!) on cream cheese, enjoying good wine and later, Anne’s pesto (mixed with shrimp on penne!) Kate made a fabulous couscous salad with cucumbers, and I brought up gazpacho, too. We were set for the weekend!

Another great sunset finished off the evening!

The next day we hit the farmer’s market, buying tasty goodies.

I bought beans…

Mushrooms (aren’t these amazing-looking?)…

Lots of fruit!

And of course, took more than a few additional photos!

Then back to the lake to create!

Kate worked on a painting using some of the techniques from the class we took at Artiscape, with some modifications of her own. (Later she worked on a beautiful paper necklace.)

I did a journal using the same technique – I’ll wait to show you that when it’s done.

And I did some postcards. These will probably end up being backgrounds for other projects, but feel free to save these and use them for backgrounds for ATCs or tags or whatever.
This happy guy was just for fun!

I also knit up a dish cloth from a Magic Ball my friend Maryanne sent me. It was my first Magic Ball and as I stitched wildly, lovely things fell out like tiny bottles of glitter, yarn, embellishments, and sweet little ducks!

The fact was, we didn’t want to – and couldn’t stop. We didn’t even go to dinner till around 8!

The next day was more of the same. I put my yarn ball into a soup bowl and sat in the sun to knit, managing to read a bit, too!

We even saw a loon -- or maybe not, as its bill is yellow. Any guesses anyone?

And I got lots of prep done for other projects – collage art snipping, paper organizing and more!

Coming home was terribly hard – the weather at the lake was perfect. On the road we hit a rainy patch but saw the loveliest rainbow!

The Gypsy-boy was waiting!

This morning I did the drawing for my vacation souvenir package and the winner was Jill of Jill’s Junk to Jewels! Jill, send me your address and I’ll post it next week!


Beth said...

OH, I wish I could go to your cabin and enjoy some art time with you. Looks like you had a lot of fun creating and just relaxing. So glad you had a great time, you deserve it.

jet1960 said...

Jeanie, I emailed my address to you through my gmail account. I'm so thrilled! Thanks!

As I've said before, you have too much fun! Too bad you don't live closer to Beth and me, so we could have one big art party. Pretty, pretty art pages! Love the colors and layers. I have to ask what a Magic Ball is? I'm not a knitter.

Joanne Huffman said...

Great photos and how nice of you to share part of your wonderful week-end. Also, what's a magic ball?


Janet said...

Wow....you had quite a weekend! All that yummy food and beautiful scenery....PLUS art! What more could a gal want?!!

Congratulations to Jill for winning your giveaway.

Rosa said...

I love farmer's markets! That pic of the mushroom is amazing!! Look at that sweet face (and nose) on Gypsy. Awwwwwww.

Unknown said...

I would love to go on an art camp with you...it would be such a blast. Your photos are fab, really take me there xx

Bree said...

What a fun weekend! I love your paintings. The blues, purples and greens mixed together. When I was a teenager I loved art (painting and drawing) but sadly let it go.

Tina Leavy said...

the bird on the lake is an anhinga/snake bird
..looks like you had a lovely time though.

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