Monday, March 31, 2008

Sunny Inside!

It’s pouring right now. April showers/May flowers. Except it’s still March, and definitely isn’t going out like a lamb!

Well, I’m still pretty sunny inside, thanks to lots of things!

First, thanks to all who have entered my blog drawing for a birdhouse. If you haven’t, scroll down to the birdhouse post and enter your comment before 5 p.m. today. I will post a winner’s name late tomorrow afternoon or early evening to receive the “House of Grapes” mini-birdhouse pictured in the post.

I’ve enjoyed skipping around to many others and hope to revisit their blogs soon. Thanks to Karla and Beth for hosting this fun event!

So, this weekend I went into the dreaded art room.

OK, I was trying to get some stuff out because I got a new cabinet (not in yet -- I promise I'll post an "after" photo. As you can see, I am swarming in clutter and hope "Mission Organization" will find me! (Actually, it looks a little worse than need be, because I'd already dumped drawers in one area and the only place to put it was on the computer desks.)

The plan: my new cabinet; lose one computer desk and put in a small table so I can actually do art in the art room, rather than always hauling things out to the dining table and then having to periodcally clear. Needless to say, I was doing art this weekend and I didn't cook!

I’m sunny inside because of all my lovely weekend -- first, the productive time of cleaning and arranging. And, look what I found!

When I was moving this little sewing chest, I found some lovely old buttons, needles, tatting shuttles, lace – all things that were Mom’s or my grandmother’s that I forgot I had.

I especially loved the green lace. Jeanie Green.

Then I did lots of art, working on my collage for the Artiscape auction and my ATCs for the trading sessions. More on those a different day.

Saturday night enjoyed hearing Ira Glass, the host of NPR’s This American Life speak.

He was an amazing speaker, showing how the program was put together, talking about how the stories are chosen and developed and combining the sound and interviews as he demonstrated with the equipment onstage. I would have turned around and heard the exact program again had the opportunity been available.

(If you aren’t familiar with This American Life, check out the website link here or listen on your community’s public radio station!).

Sunday was filled with more cutting, tearing and glueing! Then off to see “Candide” as performed by MSU’s opera group. An excellent and delightful production. Clearly, if you think you have troubles, check out Candide’s!

A new day, a new week. The sky is charcoal gray and it’s thundering. Loudly. I’m sunny inside.


beth said...

love the studio shots !!!...looks just like mine !

{so I did get some great papers and rub-ons...a neat book to make into a journal...nothing too amazing as my patience was a bit thin that day}

Beth said...

The studio will come together and you will love it. Thanks so much for the kindness you have been sending my way. It sure helps to know that others are sending me so much Love. I am feeling a little better.
I Love all the precious treasures of you Mom's and Grandother's that you found, how special.
Many Hugs!

Anonymous said...

my mouth was hanging open when i saw the state of your studio. i encourage you to call it an 'art studio'... art rooms are found in elementary school and have lots of paste and construction paper. i also call my 'art studio' and art room so iam saying this as much for myself as you :)

that is such a treasure of motions from you mother and grandmother! i love all the old buttons! i never know quite what to do with them but i do collect them and often see wonderful bits of art that include buttons and of course old lace. i guess i have a lot to say today because i also want to say that i never would have pictured ira glass to have so much hair!! i adore the show and envy your opportunity to see him in person. i'm sure is was beyond delightful.
have a sunny week inside jeanie....and maybe even one outside :)
robin bird

Pam Aries said...

Hi Jeanie! I'm sorry I ...I got way behind in blogging. I a mtrying to work extra days to make extra $$$$..heh heh. You asked me about that flowering tree and I do not know what it is down the strret from me. It is like..10 ft tall! and gorgeous! How's Gypsy??

Anonymous said...

Just testing different ways to comment to my blog. Go figure. Learning experience!

Shelley said...

Oh..I could have fun with you in that art room. They are supposed to be cluttery and full of interesting treasures. Love it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jeanie, "Creativity is a messy affair" If you think you could ever part with the buttons and lace, think picture frames. Our UMW made some last year for the holiday bazaar, and even our most elementary, crude attempts at art sold well. Love, Bonnie

Laura said...

I wish I could come over and help organize your studio!!! All the treasure to be unearthed!

I love This American Life, although I always forget to listen to it. I wish I got the version that is on pay cable TV......

paris parfait said...

Wow that is one filled-to-the-brim studio! No doubt you'll enjoy it once it's a little more organised. :) How terrific that you uncovered buried treasure that has sentimental meaning AND is lovely!

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