Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Let Rick Ride!

On a lovely day like this (OK, it's about 25, but the sun is out, so that's lovely by me!), my thoughts go to summer, spring, planting things, birdhouses (which I have on the brain) and heading to the lake.

My Rick's thoughts go to one thing. The bike. He rides over 5,000 miles a year and is passionate about it, longing for long-distance rides, as well as the "short" 25 or 40 mile versions. We live by the Tour de France when July comes along. (He has me watching it even when he's not around and even did my "Tour" ATC!

And one of his longstanding events is a ride from Lansing to Mackinac called "DALMAC," which he's participated in for 20 years.

Now, Rick is a big safety fan. And I don't think anyone knows bikes and both competitive riding and road riding better than he does -- at least, not in my circle. And he can be a little opinionated when he is making a point, especially when the fate of his own safety -- or that of other riders is concerned.

Well, last year, he may have been a little too opinionated about the safety of tall flags on sharp sticks on the back of the bike ("you'll poke your eye out!") which were a "requirement" of the ride. The short end of THAT stick is that this year, they told him he couldn't ride.

SO, I am asking my blogger buddies to click here on this "Let Rick Ride" link and vote "yes!" to let Rick ride. You'll see his point of view and it's just an email thing (click yes or no) -- it won't come through your as your email address and you won't get spam or a reply unless you ask for one. (If you're into biking and want to see the newly formed Astana team ride in the Tour, click on the link after to "Let Levi Ride" as well!)

Thanks for helping out!


Jeanne said...

Love and hugs and smiles.
Love Jeanne

Joanne Huffman said...

I clicked and I hope Rick gets to ride.

Shelley said...

5000 miles. Oh my...he certainly has my admiration! That's wonderful. I'm happy to ride down the block!

robin laws said...

done! my husband is a biking fan but not like this :) he would 'understand' though :)

Beth said...

You better believe I went there and voted. And I left a nice comment, although I was thinking not so nice things about the stupidity of the whole situation. I totally agree with Rick on the dangers of the flag on a stick!!!
Hopefully they will agree to let him ride.

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