Thursday, March 20, 2008

Happy Equinox!

Today is the first day of spring! Welcome!

My office calendar graphic for March is a quote from Thich Nhat Hanh and it reads:

Spring comes slowly
And quietly
To allow Winter
To withdraw
Slowly and quietly.

It's a perfect quote for Michigan at least! Today: 40s. Tomorrow: Snow!

On the equinox the day and night are of equal length. Spring is the date the sun enters the sign of Aries -- the first section of the Zodiacal year. (Pam Aries has a birthday coming up this month!) Perhaps we should be saying “Happy New Year” instead.

My spring started joyfully yesterday when I returned home to find a surprise box from Rosemary filled with a beautiful bouquet of silk roses in glorious colors. Don't they just pop?

I instantly got one of my mom's cut glass vases for them and they look lovely! I’m so glad I held onto all her glass! Thank you Rosemary, as you enjoy your vacation! (If you have linked to her blog before, you may have seen these very flowers or some much like it! Hooray!)

I also received a packet from Karla, whose St. Patrick's Day swap I entered. (By the way, right now Karla has a wonderful cardmaking tutorial using vintage papers!) In addition to the two pretty tags I received, she tucked many delightful goodies within, including a crocheted circlet and some vintage papers! Thank you, Karla! And the day before Shelley sent this cute paper egg ornament. I couldn’t quite get the light right on it, but you get the idea! Thanks again, Shell!

I also happened into good fortune. I was assisting a Ready To Learn workshop for our station which was conveniently located next to a store I dearly love (though I love it a little less because they are dumping their art thing and converting into mostly quilts, which I also love, but since I don't sew...) Anyway, I stopped in mainly to get candy from their old-fashioned candy counter for Rick's basket and because of that switchover, I happened into a good sale. A best of Somerset book at bargain prices, along with Adirondack inks, distress inks, some fun little metal pieces, alphabets, mah jong tiles, and lots of this and that! Fun!

Tonight I am joining my group of wildly wonderful women to celebrate spring. We will laugh, talk, catch up and share. It will be a grand time! Anytime with good friends and party favors is fun!
Spring is here -- the light is coming back! Happy Day!


Rosa said...

Happy first day of spring! said...

Wasn't that a fun little swap? I'm glad you are happy with yours, and sorry I am late in getting it to you. Wanda made the crochetted piece, she sent those in her package and I thought it would be fun to share them.

beth said...

gosh....I thought our Spring was here.....and now we have a winter storm watch for tonight with 4-6 more inches of that crappy white stuff coming our way.
I can't even bring myself to spell it sneaux's crappy white stuff !!!

But I will wish you a happy spring anyhow !!!

and a happy bunny day to you too !

Shelley said...

Happy spring! I'm on the laptop in SF. I hate to say it, but it was one of the prettiest spring days I can ever remember. But its cold this morning here in the Sangre de Cristos. Supposed to warm up really nice.

Anonymous said...

i'm kinda glad you haven't posted yet for today, friday, because i can then go ahead and celebrate the first day of spring as though i didn't miss it.. sheesh at least i posted a spring theme on my blog but i hadn't realized it was the first day which of course is a momentous day every year. you have such sweet on-line friendships jeanie. such a great reason to blog..making new friends.

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