Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Seven Weird and Random Things About Me

I was tagged by Sandi at Victorian Gypsy to do this (and unofficially tagged by reading other blogs that have done as I will -- if you see this and have time respond, you're tagged; if you don't, enjoy!

1. I work best with noise – generally the telly (keeps me from hearing the sounds in my head, which are tinnitus despite rumors to the contrary!).

2. I put hats on my cat! (Here’s the late Mr. Stimpy – all my cats are cross-dressers).

3. I collect quilts – particularly antique or older quilts. (Or did, till I ran out of room!) (You’ll note I didn’t say I quilted…that requires sewing and I’ll consider it an achievement if I get an art doll made!) The one pictured is one from a summer festival this summer. Don’t own it (wish I did!).

4. My favorite place to spend time (creative and otherwise) is at my cottage in Northern Michigan. 5. I’m an only child.

6. For 10 years I volunteered as a children’s grief facilitator at a grief center in my community called Ele’s Place.

7. My two most treasured moments meeting someone famous were meeting Mister Rogers and Caroll Spinney – aka Oscar and Big Bird.
You're it!


Monika said...

the cat with the hat is so funny!!

Anonymous said...

Now...how do you get that hat to stay on that kitties head??
Too cute ☺

Have a great day...thanks for the sweet email ♥

Beth Leintz said...

The "Cat in the Hat" is too funny! I put a sweet old baby bonnet on my dog last night, but my husband made me take it off. He said he just "knew" that Milo didn't like it!

Rosa said...

I love cross-dressing cats! Are there any other types? I think not. Oh, you make me want to go to Charlevoix! I need a water fix. And lucky you to have met Mister Rogers. What a gentle soul. xo

Beth said...

Great post! And the kittie is so cute with his Grannie hat on. I would have loved to meet Mr. Rodgers,,I always loved his show. He truly was a gentle soul.

robin laws said...

i'm for meeting big bird. now that was a lucky day. he was always the most gentle, kind and caring bird you would ever want to meet :) it is a real shock to discover that big bird had a major mental illness. it is so sad that he/she was a multiple personality disordered person/bird/grouch.
thnks for visiting me too

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