Saturday, March 1, 2008

Iris is 95 Today!

Imagine what all has happened since 1913 -- cars were still a special luxury, no one would consider flying an airplane, and indeed, most of World War I, which began the year after, was a ground war. No atom bomb, telephone, television, microwave, ATM, man on the moon, VISA card, frozen packaged foods, electric vacuum cleaners, super stores, or computers.

Now, imagine being born then and seeing what all has happened since.

Iris with my grandmother, Minnie Wood Leatherman.

Here’s a birthday salute to my aunt, Iris, who is 95 today!

The Leatherman Family -- Iris is in the center, holding baby Grace (mom of cousins David, Patty and Mutty)

Iris, Eleanor, Jean (my mom) and Junior, who died aruond the age of 7.

Mom (Jean), Iris and Eleanor

Iris was the oldest of my mom’s sisters, and the only one still alive. And, I might say, doing very well at 95! She lives near her daughter and one of her sons (the other isn’t too far away) so she’s able to see some of her grandchildren and great-grandchildren regularly.

These are the sister on Grace's wedding day -- Grace, Eleanor, Iris and Mom

Iris (also known as “The Big I”) was the first of the women in our family to really be employed outside the home – that was in the 40s, maybe even before. She worked for my grandfather, selling insurance, and a woman I have run into here in town who knew her said she was really one of the first working women in the community that she was aware of. Around the time I was a teen, she and my uncle bought a sporting goods store in Gaylord, Michigan – a town that gets much of its support from vacation tourism. I can still see her working the counters there – she knew everyone, and they all knew her!

Iris is the “Last of the Moms” in my family and so she’s my honorary mom! She’s tough, caring, sentimental, smart, and all together!

Grace's wedding day -- the sisters with my grandparents.

Happy Birthday, Iris! May we all make it so long as you have -- and so very well, too!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Iris!

How blessed you are to have all of those pictures that you were able to share with us!

Have a great weekend!

robin laws said...

oh my being 95 is an amazing feat of patience, endurance, good humor and stubbornness. and i think you must love people.

i just stopped by after seeing your post over at rosa's. i hadn't been to see you in awhile :) you look to be enjoying your blogging adventure as am i. it's fun isn't it?

did iris love the shawl you made for her? and did the lovely 'iris' cards turn out? it is nice to come over and visit you again!

happy weekend :)


Jeanne said...

I love those vintage photographs and all that you share.
Happy Birthday Iris~

Rosa said...

God bless her! What amazing photographs! I love the one at Grace's wedding with the stoles and the wonderful hats. Don't you wish we still dressed in such a manner? (sometimes!) They are striking (and I think they knew it!). Many happy returns to Iris! xo

Laura said...

Happy Birthday to your Aunt!!!!

I am amazed how much life has changed in 95 years!!!!! It is truly shocking!

Hope your Aunt is surrounded by love on her special day!

Shelley said...

Happy Birthday Aunt Iris! May you have 95 more!! What a loving tribute to someone very special in your life.

Thanks for sharing the wonderful vintage photos. I love the fashion from those eras.

beth said...

what a beautiful tribute....and wonderful pictures !!

Pam Aries said...

Woo hoo..IRIS! I always think about how fast the world progressed in the last 100 amazes me. I love old photos and these were awesome1 THanks! ..Hi Gypsy..!

Beth said...

Happy Late Birthday to Iris!!! I Just LOVE those pics. And 95 years old,,how wonderful!
Many hugs to you and to Iris!!!

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