Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Kitchen, Part Two

For those who have followed this blog for a bit, you may recall my kitchen painting escapade! Well, it wasn’t that much of an escapade, but mighty exciting and – thanks to my friend Kate – mighty fun!

I’ve not dared to pound a nail in the wall yet, and thought I might do a shelf to display teapots. And I’ve been painting another shelf I took down where I’ll put some of my Hall china.

Look, Mom! I have drawers and a storage shelf!

But that long shelf – just hadn’t bought one yet, despite two trips to Home Depot to check them out.

Then my neighbor said she was moving. To San Francisco. And selling her furniture.

I remember the day I saw her come home from a yard sale with this great baker’s rack. I thought “I never get deals like that. Oh, well.”
My yellow bunny on the micro makes me happy!

You got it! No, I did! I bought her terrific rack for only $20 (and it was already assembled and I don’t have to pound anything into that wall till I’m ready!)

It was up and decked out by Easter. I will change what’s on it periodically so those teapots in the basement can make a return appearance to my kitchen!

Oops! Forgot to put the teapot back in front of that basket after breakfast!

AND, I have a drawer for dish towels (as opposed to the pottery bowl on top of the fridge). Yes, I had only two drawers – silverware and junk. Now I can put the towels away and get some of the clutter counter down.

My happy bunny is filled with flowers. In the kitty memo frame to its left, is a tag by Beth of Doors are Everywhere. I think I'll use this area to show off some of the fun trades and inspiration pieces I receive from blog friends!

Can you tell how happy I am?


Janet said...

That's quite a deal on the baker's rack, and you did such a nice job decorating it. I know how it is to not have enough drawers in the kitchen!!

Shelley said...

Jeanie..I love it!! How pretty and cheerful. It would really go well in MY kitchen too. LOL Love the photos you are taking. Very very colorful!

Anonymous said...

yes i can tell you're happy :) i do now what you mean when you say "i never get those kind of deals!" i so often feel that way. i decided though that i am now of an age that as long as i stay on awhile in this life the odds are definitely beginning to shift in my favor :)

Anonymous said...

well i simply had to travel back in time on your blog to see kitchen part one since i didn't remember. ok...i got it now... the sunny yellow walls, the bakers rack and a shelf is coming up next for teapots. i collect teapoys... i will love seeing yours :)

Unknown said...

Now that's a great deal, I love that baker's rack - would look good in my house I'm sure

Beth said...

That looks so pretty! And what a great deal on the baker's rack. What a pretty kitchen you have created!

paris parfait said...

The baker's rack is terrific - lucky you! xo

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