Friday, June 20, 2008

Where Do You Come to the Page?

I feature Billy Wilder's quote (from his gravesite, as photographed by my buddy Cathy) as a preface to the photos illustrating today's topic -- for as you can see, my writing environment is anything but perfect!

I have been joining in the Becca’s Byline posts about writing – do visit her blog to check out links to other writers who are sharing their thoughts about putting words to the page.

Today’s topic is “Where Do You Come to the Page?” and I’m woefully trying to figure out the answer to that one!

The obvious and easy answer is my computer at the office, where I turn out my work-writing.

It’s a good little spot – just the right height! Looking straight ahead I see my (cluttered) bulletin board and desk top, filled with photos of the family and my cat-boys. Taped to the upper level of the desk are all the orange cat pictures I saved from my calendar last year. It looks terribly cluttered, and I know I should take them down, but they make me smile.

Everything is at hand here – Kleenex, note pads, all my PBS files. A good spot to write.

But my personal writing is a bit more complex! Sometimes, it’s on the sofa, with a pad or journal.
Sometimes it’s in my head as I take a walk (or drift off to sleep), with fragments jotted down soon after – hopefully in a semi-coherent manner.

(The trouble with writing in my head is actually getting it from there to the page. I’ve thought of recording it, but I suspect follow-through on that would never happen!)

My annual poetry writing binge is generally done “in motion” with thoughts and phrases whirling around, finally committed to paper whenever they seem close enough to play with!

And then there’s the computer in the art space.

I generally write my blog posts there, and then put them up sometime during the day or evening at the office when I can add photos more easily. It’s a nasty computer and often the screen will go totally black. I just keep on typing. I can check it later!

As you can see, Billy's epitaph is taped to the top of the computer, and on the desk are some of my motivators -- the Jane Austen Action Figure, my motto (Fully Expect the Universe to Cooperate), plenty of pens and some favorite cards and trinkets among them!

How do YOU come to the page? Is it on the blog? At work? Do post and share with Becca, too!

I leave you with my Executive Assistant, who is bemoaning the fact that he is not outside. Is that a look of contempt? Wouldn't be the first time!

Wishing you a lovely and creative weekend!


Pinkie Denise said...

So glad you made it my way for a visit. I have been having computer problems too. No fun...please come my way again for visit and thanks for sharing Pinkie Denise

Suzy Rust said...

Aw, your kitty is so handsome! Happy Junking!

Becca said...

What fun to see all your writing spaces! And I love the way you surround yourself with so much creative inspiration, especially your photos and sayings.

I find myself writing in my head a lot too - I didn't think of that as a writing space, but it is. The trouble is, as you say, getting it down on paper!

Thanks for sharing :)

Nancy said...

You know, it's in my head, too. The computer has made it so much easier for me - things just flow and I can backspace just like in my head! Wow, you keep on typing with a black that's faith. Thanks for sharing your spaces. Nancy

JessInFocus said...

I love your Executive Assistant. Such a handsome fellow! :)

I find myself writing in my head, but it is usually while I am trying to go to sleep and wouldn't want to wake my husband by turning a lamp on and joting it down. As a result I will wake the next morning and think "I had the best idea last night!" Then can't come up with my complete thought. Hope you have a great weekend.

Thank you for your kind comments!

Naturegirl said...

Jeanie the last photo makes me smile but I'm a lover of cats as you well know!
I am always my head on note pads, ideas come into my head while I'm out shopping eating in restaurants..then I pull out my handi dandi notepads. My hubby will say "another idea for your blog" I just give him that look and then there's the camera and that's another story!
Writing is always on my mind!
That's a good thing isn't it!
Having a garden party!
Enjoy your weekend make a few notes! NG

Anonymous said...

i think the gyp has a look of utter longing for green grass and the scent of mice. at this point in my life i come to the page right on my blog. before i started blogging i belonged to a gallery of digital scrapbook artists and i would write just he longest and most thoughtful descriptions when i posted art. even at the time i realized i was wanting to say more than what was strictly necessary. it makes me happy to come to the page a lot of the time and yet sometime i draw a complete blank and think i will never have another word to say. see what i mean? a longwinded reply :) i ended up going to bed with this comment only half done and awake this morning mr. gyps cute face looking at me from your blog. mornin'!

HerzBlatt said...

Wow......what a long post....My husband asked me, what did you do this evening,and I answer:" I was reading Jeanie`s new post and watching her photos and trying to understand everything (not possible..) and thinking about where did I come to this page and later I began to think about who I am, where I am...and so on.....*lol*...
By the way, I love Billy Wilder and Jane Austen....
I love reading your stories, it`s very lively!!!
Best wishes and a big kiss to your executive assistant

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