Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Marmelade Gypsy Helps Mummy Knit -- and other things

I often come home to this.

But sometimes, I see it in action...

This is why I love my orange boy!

"I'm so innocent -- if she didn't want me to play with it, why does she leave it hanging around?"

Looking forward to a weekend of high school open houses, a "Reading Rainbow" contest awards presentation, and playing in a bit of yarn and glue!

Last night I up-potted some plants that I put in far-too small pots, just to get them out of the starter plugs. I knew if I didn't move them up soon, they'd not really work to their potential. (In pots, I'm not sure they ever do, but it works for me.

My herb garden. Very good oregano, sage, thyme, lemon balm and some brand new parsley -- with a rose or two, just for fun.This is the front of the house -- I have basil, fennel, flowers and peppers here.

I have bad clay dirt (and not enough motivation to put in new dirt) so all the annuals go in pots. These are my tomatoes, many of which I up-potted last night.

This will look tidier when the tulip and daff leaves go, but I'm told they shouldn't be cut back. I'll probably put in some geraniums or something in front, just so it doesn't look quite so overgrown, because really, it's not!

I used to have bushes in the wall in front of the house. Last year, big hunky football player Kevin tore them out (I paid him, but I'm not sure I could have ever paid him enough for that -- getting the roots out was awful!). I mulched it over, but put in a few patio stones, so I could have a sitting spot!

I finished "Groucho and Me," a collection of life vignettes from Groucho Marx's life. It's a witty, funny book, especially if you are a fan of vaudeville, old movies and the Marx Brothers.

Now it's on to "The Sisters," which is a saga of the six Mitford sisters. I love just about anything set in England and they had such wildly diverse and controversial lives. It's a thick one -- I'm reading this along with my reading buddy (and old friend) Suzanne in Ontario. She's far ahead of me and I must catch up!

Show and Tell Sunday's theme this week is "Trash to Treasure." I realized I have far more trash than treasure. Well, not quite true -- lots of lovely treasures, but I've had little hand in making them so! Pop by and I'll send you to the link for other sites sharing their creations!


Naturegirl said...

Jeanie great idea to put your herbs into pots..then they can moved around to fill in bare areas of the garden! I do that!
Now how cute is your kitty playing with that ball of yarn..I can just see the back feet going as he holds onto the ball! purzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz NG
Thank you for linking me!!

Jeanne said...

Love you darling one.
Thanks for your visits and kind words.
Love Jeanne

Beth Leintz said...

I haven't had vegetable garden in ages, but decided to start small and have one tomato, one pepper and one basil plant on the patio- not nearly as ambitious as you.

Thanks for the book recomendations- I think I might like the Groucho Marx book- I like anything about "old" Hollywood.

Shelley said...

Well how about you..Ms Greenthumb! You have a great container garden growing there. (I almost said "pot"--that would raise some eyebrows!) You'll have some wonderful culinary adventures with all those herbs.

Have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

all those wonderful herbs for summer salads and fresh dishes of summer faire. looks to me like you have this container growing down to an art form. knowing where each plant does best, the light the space the heat. does you mr gypsy help with the weeding..i mean when he isn't busy pulling the yarn balls all over the rug :) i so need a summer book that i can get all wrapped up in. a little too much time on the computer and with the camera in front of my eye... maybe i should go over to posygetscosy and check her list out.. she has a huge list of books to read of all sorts! i just chatter on as though this were an e-mail sorry.

Janet said...

My kitties do the same thing if I leave any yarn or ribbon around where they can get it. But they're so cute how can I get mad at them!

Container gardening is about all I can do here. The heat and wind wreck havoc with most things.

The book about the sisters looks interesting. I'm adding it to my "read" list.

HerzBlatt said...

I love your kitty, pets like cats or dogs are the best what can happen to us.Look my dog in my new post!! She had a photo shooting.
A vegetable garden is great.... I love to use all the herbs for cooking... At the moment I am waiting for my strawberries.
Thank you for linking me. May I do the same with you?? Have a wonderful weekend
best wishes

Beth said...

Oh your yard is looking so pretty. I have alot of my flowers and herbs in pots this year. Mom had gravel by the steps when I moved in here and I didn't have time to remove it this year so all my herbs and flowers are sitting in it.
Your Orange boy sure can do some knitting!!! So cute!

Karen Owen said...

Orange cats are fun, aren't they? I do most of my gardening in pots too. Much easier!

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