Monday, June 9, 2008

The Tree Needed Trimming Anyway

So, I was thinking, "Monday I will post my fabulous garage sale find..."
OK, I paid a little too much for it, and I'm not quite sure what I'll do with it, but I loved it.

And I was going to show you these pretty napkin rings my friend Mary Jane gave to me. She had them left from her sale, and will look nice with my pink dishes... a lovely set of eight.

And then I took some photos of my quilts to post -- but I think I'll hold on those.

I went to high school open houses, sat in the basement during tornado warnings, pitched Britcoms during pledge. It was a nice weekend.

Until I was chatting with my friend Suzanne in Canada this morning, making plans for Shaw Festival when I happened to look out the window.

This is what I saw.
I'm not sure when it happened. It must have fallen overnight, though the storms were earlier. I don't know how I missed seeing it walking back and forth through the living room all morning. It hadn't fallen last night while Rick and I were watching the Celtics/Lakers game.

The big branch had been weighing down on the apple tree for a season. I'd deferred dealing with it, because it was split very high and was going to be difficult to remove. I had been planning on trimming out the lower branches to take some of the weight off.

Well, at least I don't have to do that right now.

As best as I can tell, the big branch took out the apple tree by the roots.

It's on a line -- I think the cable line, but I'm not about to touch it and find out. I still have cable.
Of course, I was already concerned about trees, because Rick called last night after he left and went back to his place. He owns and rents out the duplex next door to his, and this is what happened there.
More storms are due tonight. I hope they lay off the tornadoes and the wind this time.

Fortunatelly, we don't think there is major damage on Rick's house and my tree missed my roof -- it could have been far worse.

And the tree needed trimming anyway -- although I'll miss my pretty pink crabapple with its branches just made for holding birdfeeders and hanging baskets.

We're hoping to get a group rate on tree removal.

I'm amazed I'm not more upset by this -- despite missing the crabapple. It's just a tree. (Well, two trees, but the other is still there.) It could have been the tornado -- we had several around here they think.

I spent much of the tornado warning getting dressed in the basement, having been wrapped in a towel from the shower when it started. I grabbed some clothes, my glasses, a book and the phone and went downstairs. Fortunately, my friend from France called during the warning, so we had a nice chat.

(I tried to grab Gypsy, but he made it deep under the bed before I could snatch him. It somewhat comforted me that he would be more likely to land on his feet if we started swirling off to Oz than I would.)

Wherever you are, I hope you have sunny skies!


Anonymous said...

wow! that's a big tree. Luckily, no one was injured & it looks like the house is ok. xoxo, Joanna

beth said...

I'm biting my tongue right now in regards to how I'm feeling about mother nature....

she's on "my list".....that list that if you know me well, you don't want to be on !!!

so far with our fingers crossed we have been okay...but with more rain coming this week....well, I'll be saying some prayers.

some friends of ours, just two streets over, have a flooded basement and
my heart just aches for anyyone who has any damgage and is in the process of cleaning up.

so glad you are okay !!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's scary! We've had some weather down here too, and it's dark and thundering again right now. So far, nothing more serious than a few broken branches. I know others have been less fortunate.

So all in all, not great weather for reading outdoors this week!

Nancy said...

Ouch - it hurts to lose a tree and crabapples are soo beautiful. I'm glad you're okay and I'm glad you have a basement - we have to go to the closet under the stairs; sort of like your poor kitty going under the bed! I like your birdcage and just let me know when you get your other treasures posted - I'll be back. Big hugs, Nancy

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Love the bird cage & the napkin rings ~ hey, they'd go with my pink dishes, too!!

So glad that tree didn't do any more damage than what is shown.

Gee, we had storms here today, too!

Angelic Accents

jet1960 said...

I'm so glad you are ok and your house as well. We could use some of the rain ya'll are getting out and up that way. I wish there was some way to channel some of it down this way.

ABOUT ME said...

We have huge trees around our little house and the wind blows and blows. Someday I'm sure we'll have a branch through a window. I'm glad you're ok! I remember hiding in my Grandmother's basement in Kentucky during tornado warnings. We thought it was so much fun. Take care. Di

JessInFocus said...

That is scary! Glad you all are ok and there isn't much damage except loosing your pretty crabapple tree. said...

Yes, you are lucky that it was just a tree. I hear the storms are really bad lately. I get so used to the sirens and warnings I don't go to the basement anymore. It has been years since I did. You are smart to do that.

Chanda said...

So sorry about all your storms. We have had our share also. One after another this year. Hope the rest of your summer is much better.

Paul Sears said...

yikes! I grew up in Iowa, and we had a lot of storms and tornados all the time. That's scary when it's right in your backyard!

Beth said...

Oh Wow. I didn't read this post yesterday. How scary. Believe me we go through Tornadoes all the time and it never gets any easier, just scarier.
I hate that about your trees. But at least you and Rick are ok.
I sure hope the storms leave you alone for awhile. We need the rain down here bad,but not storms.

Unknown said...

Wow! how scary was that!!! sure glad we don't have that many tornados over here (only had a few small ones which make the news because they are so rare)
Stay safe xx

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