Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Fun Continues

Visiting with old friends is just the best. This past weekend I enjoyed a visit from my college friend, Jerry Ziaja, who now lives in Paris and works as a trainer. Jerry and I were in MSU’s theatre department back in the good ol’ days, and did lots of musicals and children’s theatre tours. He later continued that with national and international tours as well as a performance at the White House!

We just talked and walked through MSU’s campus and gardens. With some folks, time doesn’t seem to change things. I’m lucky that this was one of those times (not to mention getting some good tips to supplement my own training and physical therapy).

All this plus an invitation to for us to visit Jerry in Paris and stay at his wonderful apartment! We're talking about two weeks -- Rick would ride his bike in France for one week and I'd stay in Paris with Jerry for both, where we would day-trip, shop our brains out (he knows all the places for the best deals, or so he says!) and drink wine in cafe's!

After tending to “the farm” (which is what I’ve started calling my flowerpot garden), mowing the lawn, and doing some homely things, I headed to Rick’s for dinner.

It’s strawberry shortcake season!
When I was a kid, we enjoyed one day at my grandparents’ farm that was ONLY strawberry shortcake for dinner. All you could eat on home made biscuits!

We weren’t all you could eat (Rick did pork loin on the grill, I brought orzo salad!)
But it was tasty! This time we served it on angel food cake, but the previous night’s biscuits were even better!

My recipe? Just mashed berries, enough sugar to sweeten but not so much as to make it too sweet, zest of a lemon and juice of about half a lemon. That really makes the difference!

A few father-son hijinks...
...then I walked home, where I saw the fourth bunny of the season! Not the best photo, but a grand memory of my favorite wildlife critters!

Coming Soon: Public TV Pick of the Week!


Beth said...

Wow, what a fun time you had this week-end. I know you enjoyed being with your friend and also your family. The food looks so yummy!

Judy Winter said...


Take me to Paris shopping with you!!


Rosa said...

Old friends are just the best. It looks like so much fun! And tasty too! Yum. Oh, I love bunnies too. I saw one last night too! Good thing the cats were in. (And the teenager parked in front of the house last night. I wondered why but didn't dare ask. This morning he told me there was a skunk sashaying across the driveway. Thus the movement of his car! hehe. Hmmm, I haven't seen Dave (the cat) this morning. Hope he didn't get sprayed!) xo

Rosa said...

PS You'll have fun with Jerry in Paris! You definatley need an "in" while there. (Don't forget to go to the Galleries Lafayette--and the food floor!)

jet1960 said...

I'm so envious of the Paris trip. Please be sure to share lots of stories and pictures!

Strawberries on homemade buttered biscuits are the best, I agree! But your dinner looks yummy!

Anonymous said...

goodness i don't even know where i left off on your blog with my comments! but trust me i have been here in spirit and written all sorts of things even if it was in invisible ink :) and are you going to go??!! when?? now that is one exciting dream vacation jeanie! have you been before? so many fine, fine and 'fun' things you have to show us today! the strawberry shortcake looks amazing. i have never done the lemon thing but believe me i will next time!
xox you look very happy with your old friend and i can understand why. all that history to share. nothing quite like it :)

tims1952 said...

I have been trying to get in touch with Jerry Ziaja!!! We graduated high school together at edsel Ford HS in Dearborn, MI in 1970. Please ask him to contact me @ timseguin@comcast.net

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