Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Birthday, Dear Eulah!

This past weekend we enjoyed a grand celebration – the 100th birthday of my friend and neighbor Eulah.

Eulah is a simply dear and amazing woman who was kissed by Roosevelt as a child and met luminaries that included Arthur Godfrey and Henry Ford.

But my experiences of Eulah are those of delicious visits with good conversations; sitting with my cousins on the beach as she, her husband Bill, and our parents went back and forth on their float boat, laughing uproariously; and listening to her delightful stories that she tells in an enchanting and engaging way.

Eulah’s summer house is separated from mine by a wooded lot, on which huckleberries grow. As a child, picking these berries for my mother was a torment (do you know how tiny huckleberries are?) But as an adult, I’ll collect what I can each summer and make what I call “Eulahberry Bread” using the tiny Eulahberries in a delicious blueberry bread recipe.

Eulah loves to dance, and while she was the last to arrive at her own party, she didn’t hesitate to take to the dance floor! (Her partner’s suit was more shiny than it appears in the photo – that’s NOT my camera problem!)

As for me, I was delighted to just give her a hug and wish her the best!
Anyone interested in learning more about this amazing lady can find a lovely article here.


Beth said...

Wow, she just looks incredible to be 100 years old. Thats just amazing. What a wonderful friend you have had all these years. I Love the picture of you and her, both so happy and beautiful smiles.
Happy Birthday, Dear Eulah!!!

Beth Leintz said...

Well Happy Birthday to your friend- my Grandma turned 100 last Dec- it's pretty amazing.

I've heard of eulalaberry pie- but I always thought they were "olalaberries"- but I've never had the pleasure...

JessInFocus said...

She looks wonderful! A lady that lived across the street from my parents used to mow grass and work in her garden some at 100.

Happy Birthday Eulah!

Miss Gracie's House said...

What a treasure she must be!

Anonymous said...

wow! what an amazing history you have with this woman! she has been in your life so long! i do so hope i can live my live with that much enthusiasm. look at her go! it seems like you must each be a gift to the other. i love the eulahberry bread! to have a bread named after me would be an honor i wouldn't want to miss :)

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