Thursday, June 5, 2008

Mail Call!

I've received some nice mail lately, which I wanted to share with you.

From Beth (Gathering Dust) I received my "Birds and Bonnets" panels! My panels came from Gail S., Lisa at LaughLisaLaugh, Michelle at FaerieDustDreams and Kelly at TeacupMosaics.

I think they're lovely!

You can check out others if you visit Karla's Cottage and scroll down a few posts!

My yahoo group had a Far East ATC swap hosted by Catherine in Australia. In addition to some fun collage goodies Catherine included (all with the Eastern theme).

I received cards from (left to right) Susan K., Beth D., and Colleen K.
I need to start signing up for some new swaps -- I'm liking this "fun mail!"


Beth said...

I absolutely Love the bird pannels. I wish I had known about that swap,,love them birdys!!!
I haven't got my Far east cards yet,,hope they come today!!! I hope I get one of your cards too.

Naturegirl said...

Wonderful art work! There are some black beauties waiting for you and marmalade at Nature-trail! purzzzzzzzzzz

Rosa said...

They are all wonderful! Lucky you!! xo

Shelley said...

Very pretty! I wish I had stuck with the project. (I got hung up in the re-decorate). Very nice.

KRCampbellArt said...

Nice photos.
Thanks for the blog visit and nice words. I used to have some things with Trillium before Kali moved. Not sure if she is still in EL or not. Do you have anything with galleries there? Any recommendations?

beth said...

"mail" days are just the best, huh ??

looks like a great swap !!!

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh look at all those WINGS?! this is quite amazing! i would love to have those come in the mail but i am not worthy since i don't sign up for swap anymore. i just can't count on myself enough to complete my contribution! it is tempting though..this is wonderful! i saw the panels being put together over at karla's..but in your single presentation and photographs give a better sense of how unique they are!
and p.s..goodness you are so nice to me jeanie :)

Lynn said...

Beautiful panels, sorry I missed that swap, actually I have missed a lot of the, and only ever done one which was at Valentines, but it was just great :)

Joanne Huffman said...

Very cool ATCs.


Tina Leavy said...

the bird panels are so pretty...and your garden is nice too. I love to see what others are growing and how they grow their plants.
oh your kitty looks like a mischevious one, but lots of cuddly too.
hope you have a lovely weekend.
thanks so much for stopping by!

SusanLotus said...

Beautiful ATC´s!

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