Thursday, May 22, 2008

Bits, Pieces and PTV Pick of the Week

Looking ever so forward to my annual physical this afternoon. I don’t anticipate anything ugly, but I’ve only lost 20 pounds this year, and I wanted to lose more – and could have, had I not been so undisciplined. I always hate this – though I will say I have the best doc ever!

Here are a couple of things I did recently using some of the techniques from Artiscape.

There is a little glare on the angel I couldn’t be rid of, no matter where I placed it. Her halo was using the alcohol rub-off technique. The wings are styrofoam stamps I made from paper plates as textural accents. She looks good with the mat around her.

The heart is no great art, but it makes me happy with its spring colors (it’s a high of 53 today, and gloomy again). I wish I’d stopped before I stamped on the words, and may try to fiddle with that, but I liked the colors. I used some of the gel texturing and rubbing off here, too.

Taking a few days off for the holiday and eager to get planting. Rick and I will do the cemetery where much of my family is. Then we’ll have a picnic. (Not at the cemetery, though it’s rather lovely.) I confess, I really love planting the flowers there.

Lots of homely things to do, as well. Closet switching. Some new arrangements in the living room and family room. Definitely some cooking. I want to make Robin Bird’s delicious lemon dessert. You’ve got to check out the recipe on her blog!

And reading! Hope to finish Groucho Marx's autobiography and start on "The Mitfords." Although Rick brought back a great-looking Canandian mystery from his recent trip... too many choices!

And I'll felt these guys -- finished results next week!

This is a small bag. I got off on my count, so I'm not sure how the felting is going to go. It could be really cute -- or REALLY unusual! I'm thinking of needle felting over it when it's done. We'll see.

This is a business card holder, believe it or not. Or a very small gift bag. Again -- we'll see!

And art time! I have Michael’s coupons and I’m ready to roll!

PTV Pick of the Week

You can tell I’m a bit of a history nut – again I go for "American Experience." This, too, is an encore – Truman. The two-parter begins most places on Sunday after the "National Memorial Day Concert" and continues Monday night in the series’ regular time.

"American Experience" is reprising all their “Presidents” documentaries during this election year. It’s really quite a collection of remarkable stories about remarkable men. Somehow, each film manages to tell compelling stories both personal and professional. Harry Truman’s is no exception.

Happy Holiday!


beth said...

what a busy little artist you've been !!!

and here's hoping the visit to the doctor went well !!

Rosa said...

Or an elf's cap! Too sweet. xo

Shelley said...

I like that technique. The colors are so pretty. I tend to make mine too drab. Its been forever since I did art. I hope to correct that soon. Hugs.

The elder.

Beth said...

Oh, I love the new ART,,,its awesome! Sounds like you have a busy but also relaxing week-end planned. I hope all goes well with the Doc,,and hey, losing 20lbs is better than gaining 20, right?

Joanne Huffman said...

I absolutely love the angel! The heart is excellent, but the angel sings to me. I always think felting yields many surprises. Have a great week-end.


Shelley said...

Hey..congrats on winning at Karla and Beths!! Coolness.

Jeanne said...

Have a great Memorial day.
With much love and many blessings
to you
Love to you and yours
Love Jeanne

HerzBlatt said...

I love your heart picture very much, it is great!!!!! The colours are excactly my favourites!!!
have a wonderful Memorial Day!!
best wishes

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