Thursday, May 8, 2008

Spring Time Walk!

I spent much of last weekend digging in my art room, in an attempt to turn it into an art space (with a table). I can blame Cloth Paper Scissors Studio issue for this.

But I did take a lovely neighborhood walk on Sunday and it was such fun and so pretty, I might do it again tonight! Join me…

We'll start out in my yard with the tulips and walk about nine blocks to the wetlands...

Tons of blossoms...

Ducks sunning themselves...

Some grape hyacinths...

And my favorite resident, Harry the Heron!


  1. Hi-
    Saw your comment on my blog. Keith is just great if you ever get a chance to take a class with him. I met many nice people too. Fun adventure.
    Your photos here are beautiful and having just returned from VA I appreciate them all the more. Everything was in bloom there and so nice to see.
    I'm in Lansing today and tomorrow and then head back to Ludington.

  2. That Studio issue got me too! They show some fantastic work spaces....and then there's my little spot that looks nothing like the ones in the magazine. Oh well!

    Your walk must have been many beautiful things to look at.

  3. Wow- you live nine blocks from a heron- that's cool!

  4. Glad to have joined you on such a lovely Spring walk!
    Sandra Evertson

  5. Oooh, everything is so pretty! Love the geese!!

  6. GREAT photos !!!

    I was digging in my art room too...but no treasures were found this time....damn !

  7. Lovely Spring images! I've just come past your area on route home to Canada from Arizona where I posted many of my adventures!!So glad the weather is warmer here now!Happy Spring!

  8. Gorgeous photos! I'm glad to see spring has arrived in your area. Don't you just love the herons?

  9. thank you for the lovely walk through your world :) maybe Henry the Heron would like to marry Barbara Blue Hereon...? i would welcome the opportunity to move her out of avalon.


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