Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Art Fairs and Art Space!

We survived the art festival. It was windy, but no rain! We managed to tell people about the digital television conversion, help them out with questions, and basically have a station presence at the show, all good thing.
Also had a bit of time to shop about, too! Here are a few of my finds…
These frames were hot – several folks had them. They are sheet metal covered with decorative paper with four coordinating magnets. I’m going to try my hand at them.
An amazing woman with beautiful dichroic glass. I bought a lot from here, much of which I’m not posting because I was shopping for Christmas!

I’m into small bowls lately. I found this lovely one with glass…
And these two by my favorite potter Alice Ham, who uses unbelievably colorful glazes.
These plant stakes were pretty cool, too. I bought a couple; the fish photographs best, as it’s flat.
I took Monday off, and ended up buying some tomatoes, peppers, and flowers. Couldn’t find any good herbs, but will have better luck next weekend. It was good to get those in!

And – Art Space!

Walk in and the computer table is straight ahead with the new book case beside it.
(Above is the bookcase. That's reasonably neat and in control...)
The side wall has my table, and I’m finally able to spend time in the room, actually working (which I did on Monday!)
To the right of the table is my inspiration wall... this includes some of the ATCs, tags, and "smalls" I've received!
To the left of the table is my PBS “Wall of Fame” or “Scenes from Meet-and-Greets.” Included are Mister Rogers, Bill Moyers, Van Cliburn, Shari Lewis, Michael Buble, Ken Burns, Negro Baseball League great Buck O’Neill, Garrison Keillor, the Keno Brothers of “Antiques Roadshow” and others! (Do fleeting greetings put me a degree of separation closer?)
The wall opposite the computer is all shelves and filing cabinets. My other bulletin board is there, partly to cover up the clutter on the shelf.
I was feeling badly about all the clutter. Then when I was going through CPS Studios, I realized LOTS of people have clutter. Collage elements. Paints. Ribbons. Mediums. Brushes, pens and pencils. I still am hoping to harness it better, but at least it’s at hand!
I could use a taller shelf!

Here's the other wall -- the closet. A good spot for hanging scarves -- my inventory is getting low and I feel a serious silk painting spree (and some knitting) coming on soon!
(Should have cleaned off the top of the filing cabinet before I took this!) Inside the closet are vertical sweater bags and drawer units, but there's also a lot that's less organized! That could be my next project!
I found these letters at Joann’s, that I later strung together and made some colorful yarn tassles for the door. I was going to collage them, but they were pretty cute as it was, and figured my time was best spent elsewhere!
So, no great shakes. Definitely lacking in design style, but it’s working for me! And, I’m actually working in there! Happy camper!
I leave you with my idea of the day (actually, I think this MAY have come from "Real Simple," a few years ago...

A toothbrush holder from the dollar section at Target holds lemon balm, sage blooms and chive flowers. Works like a charm!


Beth said...

Wow Jeanie!!! I think your ART Room is Great and I guess because it reminds me of mine. I just don't think I could create in a un-cluttered work space. Even after I clean mine up its cluttered again as soon as I start working,,
Love the goodies you got at the show and all your plants and veggies. Sounds like you had a much needed day off!

karlascottage.typepad.com said...

A studio without clutter is unnatural and uninspiring! Or at least that is my excuse!

KRCampbellArt said...

I missed the EL Art Fair this year. Darn it. It looks as if you got some nice/fun pieces!
Loved the peek into your art room. I love to see in what environments other people work.

Anonymous said...

wowzers girlie! you have really done a bang up job on your "studio"! i can't stay long enough at the moment to visit and do your long and exciting post justice but i wanted to tell you i will be back to look at every single photo when i get home form work.
good job!

jet1960 said...

Your studio looks great! Mine, alas, still looks like it did when I last posted pictures on my blog. Actually, a little worse, since I've brought some more stuff in and have not put it away yet.

Have you been to the Antique Roadshow? I put in for tickets for the Chattanooga show but wasn't lucky enough to get some. That is one of my favorite shows.

Your job sounds very interesting.

Joanne Huffman said...

I absolutely LOVED touring your art space! And, I can out clutter you at 30 paces.


Sugar Bear said...

Congrats on surviving! We had the same situation - a bit of wind but no rain! Yay! Love your meet and greet wall - I have a similar collection of photos with speakers that come to our campus. Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

i love seeing other people's art space. it is always reassuring that it is possible to make art as well as be orderly. sounds lame i know but i am very good at organizing my space but not so good about doing art. can you tell which of the two i am more confident about? :) so yours is full of wonderful inspiration and thinks that remind you to create. i love all the pieces you have hanging and within your visual range so that everywhere you look you can see something that pleases you. and i think that your brush with the stars makes you famous in your own right! to have stood next to Mr. Rogers! swoon!

Shelley said...

Wow! You have a lot of art stuff! Way more than me. How fun!! The art show looks like a winner too. Glad you had a grand time. We need to get together!

Rosa said...

Ok, now you can come on over and fix my room up! Everything looks great!

HerzBlatt said...

I am very astonished that there are so many things similar to mine!! I love your ART room, I have the same!!
I am very interested in your life and all the things that have to do with you.
Your job seems to be very interesting and exciting. Please tell me more about your life!!
best wishes

JessInFocus said...

What a great idea! I would have never thought about using a toothbrush holder as a little pot. Cute. You had some nice finds there. Nice studio too.

Thnanks for the comments. Saber loves her picture taken. There is much more to Nashville that the Opryland Hotel, although there is something to see about it as I've gotten lost in their indoor gardens at least once. It is a beautiful place.

Take care!

Sandra Evertson said...

Hey, I say the more clutter the more fun! :)
Sandra Evertson

Jeanne said...

I love all that you share.

Karen Owen said...

Jeanie, I always enjoy seeing what you are up to! Your art room is great - I think clutter is the name of the game!

Cami said...

Love all of your stuff. I would have a ball. As I get older and my tastes change the only thing different in my studio is the furniture is cooler. I have a lot of cool antique pieces now. I'm so inspired by this post and I should be going to bed now. No wonder I have insomnia!!!

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