Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Walk through Rosie's Garden

My neighbor Rosie is well named. Her garden is glorious, starting with tulips and daffs in the spring and going right through autumn.

Here's her garden -- the house you see the side of is mine. I have a grand view.

Before I show you a weird thing I saw last night, I wanted to share some beautiful spring flowers with you, courtesy of Rosie!

OK, now -- I need your opinion.

This may look like a lackluster gray sky. Actually, by the time I got home and got the camera, it was sort of lackluster.

But look at the blob of color. It looks a bit like light -- like perhaps the sun is peeking through (this was around 8:30 at night.) And this photo was taken after the clouds moved in a bit -- before, there was clearer sky -- or at least more of it.

The sun was to the right of the trees -- by quite a bit. So it's not that. It looked like a rainbow a bit earlier -- you could clearly see part of the spectrum Red, orange and yellow, and maybe faintly green.

(Oh, and not a rainbow -- there wasn't rain within miles.)

Any idea what this is?


Vicki Chrisman said...

aapThanks for comming by my blog today! Love the photos of the irises..boy you do get the grand view...dont you! Great blog!

Shelley said...

Beautiful flowers! What a treat. I could almost smell them.

Your sky anomaly is called a "sun dog" and they are quite common in Texas. They are caused by the sun shining through ice crystals in high cirrus clouds. They act like a prism.

Good catch!! They aren't that easy to catch with a camera. You did good!

Anonymous said...

Artsy's right ... you spotted a sun dog. Here in SC I often see them in pairs, bracketing the sun at a fair distance. I'm sure some physicist or meteorologist could explain why.

Thanks for sharing your view of Rosie's wonderful garden. I love irises, too.

Beth said...

Wow,,I would love to have Rosie for a neighbor,,beautiful flowers.
My e-mail is acting crazy again and I can't access it at work. I got my wonderful ATC card of the month,,it is beautiful! I have it proudly displayed in my ATC holder for all to see. Thanks dear friend.
I am so that others knew what your light was,,I was thinking UFOs,,ha!

HerzBlatt said...

Thank you so much for your wedding day greetings and for walking blog.I never know exactly which preposition is right.....
I love your house and the pictures about your flowers,the walk to the river, and above all the pictures about the lackluster, whatever it means in German ??? I was sure, that it was the tail of an ufo.... :-)))...sounds much more exciting, doesn`t it?? (Orson Welles sends his regards...)
May I link you on my blog??
best wishes

Pam Aries said...

Hi Jeannie! Looks like I'll be staying here in Charleston for the summer. email me ...

Becca said...

What an awesome view! Your neighbor surely has a green thumb :)

I love the sky photo, with that mysterious light - which I see from the comments is called a "sun dog." I've never seen that in Michigan either. Great shot!

Paul Sears said...

great capture! it does look like a rainbow, and clouds are made of water, so maybe it sort of is one... I wish I had any kind of knack for gardening, it would be so nice to have that as a hoppy as well.

Anonymous said...

a sun dog? a sun dog? i never heard of such an amazing thing! it is surreal and so interesting looking. the flowers are glorious and i do like seeing the side of your house jeanie :)

Karen Owen said...

How wonderful to have those beautiful flowers next door! I had never heard of a sun dog either, but it must be kin to a rainbow. I figure since there is moisture in the clouds, it doesn't always have to be raining to have a rainbow.

Anonymous said...

Love Rosie's garden... you have a great view. thanks for sharing. xoxo, Joanna

jet1960 said...

How cool to learn what the phenomenon is. I would have thought a piece of a rainbow.

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