Monday, May 12, 2008

Look What I Won!

What a treasure and delight! Friday I attended a benefit for a scholarship fund for the Lansing School District as my pal Kate’s guest. She knows to take me to things with silent auctions!

This was my steal – and it was a $65 steal.

Five bird feeders (peanut, finch, hummingbird, big bird seed and one other); three bags of different types of seed and peanuts; a certificate for seed once a month for seven months; and a bird book!

As you can see, my resident squirrel G.W. Bushy is doing his thing and taking the bird’s seed to satisfy his own desires. I think of it as spending money on the war while people here aren’t able to buy food or afford health care…


Gill said...

G.W. is a Republican squirrel??? LOL!
Thanks for the visit Jeanie. Happy Mother's Day (belated) and hope you enjoy your week!

Janet said...

I hope G.W. can't leave soon enough for me! Yours might be ok but not the other one!

Happy Mother's Day a little late. Looks like you got a lot of goodies at that silent auction.

Mary Bee said...

G W Bushy is so cute. A gal in Texas told me down there they refer to him (not your squirl) as
G. Dubya Bush. LOL

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