Friday, May 9, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

To all the moms, grandmas, and "surrogate" parents out there, Happy Mother's Day.

Here are three...
Mom, on whom you have already learned much if you read this blog regularly!

My grandma (Dad's mom) -- she taught me to bake at an early age. A simple farm woman, she had a glorious garden. I especially remember strawberry shortcake suppers and corn dinners when those came into season and were simply overflowing. I think of three flowers when I think of Grandma -- peonies (growing by the porch), lilacs (from the huge bushes by the house) and bleeding hearts, near the kitchen window.

These bleeding hearts remind me of the bleeding hearts she used to grow -- their shape so appealing to a child!

My other grandma (Mom's mom) -- she died before I was born, but I carry in my heart fond stories passed down.
In one way or another, you helped shape who I am! Thanks!


  1. Great photos!! The one of your grandma holding a baby made me do a double-take! I have a photo of my grandma holding my daughter and it's very similar. The last photo is my favorite. Love that fur muff!!

  2. these are wonderful photos jeanie! and i love the continued stories of the women in your life who influenced you. the memories just wash over when you write. reminding me of all my own momma's gave to me. XOX

  3. Jeanie, I love your vintage photos of your ancestors. Thanks for sharing them!!

  4. Wonderful photos, and how lucky are you to have these photos... perfect to share on Mothers Day ( our Mothers day is in March here in England)
    take care, love Dawn

  5. Flowers and baking are things that come into my mind when I think of my grandma too. Not bad memories to have at all!

  6. Three beautiful women! Isn't it wonderful to have those memories? When I think of my maternal grandmother, I remember biscuits and blackberry cobbler.

  7. Love the photos of your grandmothers! You are indeed lucky to have those. What attractive, well-dressed women, too!

  8. I couldn't agree. All that blood flowing through our veins from great women who preceded us. Enjoyed all the pictures. And I begged for a fur muff when I was ten years old. I lived in Colorado at the time and I actually received one. Along w/ a matching coat. Rabbit. I loved it. Then my less-than-domestic mother sent it to the cleaners and they ruined it. :SIGH:


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