Monday, May 12, 2008

Something Good

I have two relatives left from my parents' generation -- my mom's sister, who lives in Arizona and is 95 and my dad's cousin, Marie, who lives in Lansing and is 85.

Saturday I enjoyed a shopping gig at the farm market (where I bought pansies for my front yard pots!)

They also had some small potted plants that were so cheerful I couldn't resist.

On the way home, I dropped in on Marie, who doesn't live far from me. She was home and was so pleased by this small simple gesture, I was sorry I hadn't done it sooner.

I came in for a few minutes to chat and she said, "I have to show you something!" We went down to her basement, which is set up for serious stamping! She showed me cards she'd been working on and taught me an alcohol ink technique I'd seen but never done!

Then she gave me samples of that, along with these silk pansies...

This lovely tatting (which I've used on my panels for Karla's and Beth's swap!)...

and all sort of paper goodies.

In turn, I let her clip blooms from my pansies in the car so she could press them for her next batch of cards.

We vowed to spend more time together, to do a real creative time at some point soon. And it'll happen.

I don't know who had the best time!


  1. How cool to have someone from your parents' generation whom you can play with!


  2. That's so cool that at 85 she's still playing and creating things. I'm sure you'll have lots of fun when you get together the next time. I hope you'll show us what you do.

  3. That is wonderful. I hope I'm still playing in my art room when I'm 85!! Thanks for visiting me, btw.

  4. I love your flowers and all that you share.........
    Love you
    Jeanne ^j^

  5. kkbjxMarie sounds like a wonderful woman and, like Linda, I hope I'm still able to and creating at that age.

  6. Sorry about those the goofy letters on that last post. I was trying to post on my dd's blog at the same time and with dialup everything is slow, so I go back and forth, and typed here word verification on the beginning of my post here accidentally, oops!

  7. 85 years old? wow i pray i will be doing art at her age. what a wonderful gift to each other...the time spent and the gifts!
    p.s. i am still thinking on my 6 word autobiography but haven't forgotten ;)


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