Monday, October 20, 2008

A Good Time was Had by All!

Today’s Autumn Image is flowers at Rick’s cousin Stephanie’s wedding this past weekend in Toledo.

Rick has a big family and a fun one, so we were excited – and it did not disappoint!

We got there early – Rick had grown up in Toledo, and we went to the house where he lived as a little boy…

And his grade school.
We also checked out the cemetery where his great grandparents were buried.

I love cemeteries and it was a gorgeous day so of course I had to shoot stone angels (because that is what I do!)

We also drove by 355 Shrewsbury in Holland (which used to be on Rick’s paper route). The address has become famous recently as that of Joe the Plumber (unlicensed and as most know by now, no great fan of paying his taxes).

After dinner, we enjoyed a game of spoons with Rick’s brother Jeff and his family (they came from St. Louis). For once I won!

We all were staying at a Residence Inn, which was terrific, because we had huge family breakfasts, where we enjoyed looking at photos and catching up. After, some of us went to the mall, while most of the guys golfed.

Wedding time! It was fun to see us all dressed up!

It was a lovely and traditional ceremony.

Steph and Brian were such a beautiful couple!

It was a gorgeous day and the sun made the stained glass windows look glorious.

Minnie assisted with passing out rose petals…

Which we all hurled at Brian and Stephanie as they left!

The reception was fabulous – and the wedding couple was beautiful!

Lots of dancing…

Stephanie’s parents, Rick’s Aunt Carol and Uncle Bob (who are closer to our age than Steph is!) were great hosts.

Bob even took a turn on the drums with the terrific band!

Rick and Greg had a moment or two of joking around – it’s not often Rick towers over 6’4” Greg!

We were glad Greg didn't catch the garter! (I don't know what happened to these two photos -- Boo, blogger! Maybe they'll be back later!

Wedding favors were wine made by The Black Prince...

...aka Bob!

The following morning, after breakfast, some of us went to Bob and Carol’s. Steph and Brian opened wedding gifts including a family recipe book that her cousin Sarah compiled. It was amazing!

This photo seemed to disappear, too...

Then the drive back home. It was surprisingly quick – but maybe that’s because there were so many fun things to recall!


BONNIE K said...

Sounds like such a fun weekend. The pix are so pretty.

Shelley said...

Jeanie..thank you for the sweet card and kitty ATC. You are one who knows my heart. Thank you friend!

beth said...

what a beautiful weekend...I feel like I was there with probably saw me, as I was the one out on the dance floor making a fool of myself !!!

Joanne Huffman said...

Great photos of what was obviously a wonderful time.


Naturegirl said...

Weddings are always such a good time to party and visit with people we've not seen in a while. A beautiful couple! Wishing them many happy years of Bliss!

Beth said...

What a wonderful week-end you had! The picture were amazing of course! You looked fab in that dress, you and Rick make such a great couple! So glad you had such a fun time!!!!

JessInFocus said...

What a beautiful wedding! You and Rick looked great!

Bree said...

So pretty. The bride looks beautiful. What bride doesn't? Love the flowers.

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