Thursday, October 9, 2008

Yarning and Shopping and Follies! Oh, My!

This week, Becca, our Write on Wednesday muse, is out of commission, due to wrist pain from too much typing (and I send you “get well” wishes!)

She did however, offer a brief and thoughtful post about being out of commission and left us with this quote from Ingrid Bengis:

Words are a form of action, capable of producing change.

She invites us to contemplate or write on this quote. You can find my reply on Chopsticks and String.

Today's Autumn Image is another from Niagara-on-the-Lake -- the same bakery as featured yesterday! The did have the BEST windows!

It's a little dangerous to turn Suzanne and I loose anywhere near a yarn store. We went to two -- one in Ancaster (where Suzanne did the damage) and the other, Stitch, in Grimsby -- where we both had our share of mischief!
Stitch is in an old house. Jocelyn, the proprietor, was a lovely, gracious and delightful woman who turned her first floor into an adorable yarn shop.

It was packed with antique quilts...

Unique antiques...

Fabulous arrangements and decorating vignettes (this was in the bathroom)...

Comfy spots to sit and knit...

Oh, yes -- and yarn!

Suzanne left with a full bag. (Mine was sort of full, too!)

From Grimsby to Niagara-on-the-Lake. On the way we stopped at a fun antique spot. No purchases, though!

Niagara is the quintessential cute town -- designed for tourists, without a doubt. But I'm a tourist! Lots of greens and beautiful flowers everywhere.

This is one of the theatres.

We enjoyed a wonderful dinner, courtesy of our friend, Lin, at an Italian restaurant called Giordino's in the Gate House Hotel. Of course, we offered her a toast!

Our toast was with a drink called the Lemon Drop! A little tart here (but the one we had the night before at the Keg was perfect!)

Lin was our former drama teacher 40 years ago. We grew up and all became friends. For my birthday, Lin sent a generous gift and said "take a friend to dinner." There was no other choice than my friend Suzanne, who spent as many hours doing theatre with Lin as I did -- especially as we went to Niagara to enjoy theatre!

Suzanne had a caprese salad with tomato, mozzarella, pesto! Oh, my! We loved the presentation (even though this is a tad blurry!)

I had antipasto, beautifully presented...

And we both loved the seafood risotto!

Then off to "Follies" at Shaw Festival! This was "Follies in Concert" so there was only suggestive costuming and little blocking/choreography. It didn't need it. Stephen Sondheim's masterpiece was beautifully performed. Not a hitch!

(A personal note about "Follies" -- this was one of the first Broadway shows I saw -- again, traveling with Lin and her husband when I was 19. They introduced me to Sondheim on a trip that included that and "Company" -- not a bad intro!)

We made it back in time to watch "Saturday Night Live" -- Can we just give Tina Fey the Emmy now?


BONNIE K said...

I just finished dinner here and I'm drooling over those pictures of food. You should be a food photographer!

Rosa said...

Jeanie! Everything from the porches, the stores, the food and drink look absolutely perfect! I've never had a lemon drop, but I've heard they are wonderful--especially the second one, wink. I enjoy traveling with you!

Jeanne said...

How wonderful for you
I love it up there.
Love you

Sugar Bear said...

Well that meal looks very yummy! The shop looks like an inspiring place to be.

Karen Owen said...

Ooh, you're making hungry - for the adorable yarn shop as well as the yummy food and drink. Hey, come down south, and I'll make you our version of shrimp risotto — shrimp and grits!

JessInFocus said...

I want the tomato dish! Yum! What a great little shop. Love the quilts especially!

jet1960 said...

Either dish looks good to me! The vignettes from the yarn shop are so lovely! I love time-worn and rusted!

Joanne Huffman said...

Great photos of great times.

Joanne, who is knitting her first sock.

Beth Leintz said...

What a "fun fall foray"- but of course you know I keep thinking about the yarn- love the yarn in the wooden bowl- given me a great idea- I'll use my yarn stash to decorate! The bowl in the kitchen that used to have dice- it's going to have yarn- and why not add yarn to the bathroom and the coffee table in the living room!

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