Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Autumn Images

Today's autumn image is from an Eric RicStar Winter Music Camp fundraiser last September! Visit Winter Ramblings for site links to more about the camp or about special needs in general.

I'm running to stay in place with deadlines. Hopefully, a longer post very soon! Meanwhile, Happy Fall!


Beth said...

Oh,,I want a white pumpkin! I have 2 orange ones but I want a white one.
Take a deep breathe during your rush,,thats what I do.

Annie Jeffries said...

These white pumpkins are terrific. They are like brights stars shining through a brillian orange sunset.

Rosa said...

I need to go out and find me a white pumpkin. We're heading to Riverside on Thursday and they are a lot cheaper down there. I'll bring one home--wink. Pace yourself now. xo

JessInFocus said...

I love white pumpkins! Last year we found a really light one what looked like cinderella's carriage at a local pumpkin farm. I would love to have another one of those too! We haven't done any halloween decorating this year yet.

Hope you get to catch your breath soon!

Anonymous said...

if i could lend a hand i would jeanie. "running in place to keep up".....now that is and oxymoron for sure! i went to your new blog for parents...at first i read it "i have a new blog"...and i thought well no wonder she is busy...she is writing to blogs!! :)


hang in there girl!

Gabriela said...


Love white pumpkins!

~ Gabriela ~

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