Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Write On Wednesday: Feelin' Groovy?

In today’s Write on Wednesday, Becca reminded us all of the Simon and Garfunkel song “Feeling Groovy” and asked?

How about you? Do you find yourself moving too fast through life? What’s your favorite way to "moodle" and "make the mornin’ last?" How does slowing down affect your creativity?

This one touches me to the bone! Sometimes I feel as though I’m moving so fast, I don’t have time to stop and enjoy or process anything. I flit from task to task like kitchen moths invading my home that move from cupboard to ceiling to – well, you name it. They move faster than Gypsy or I can catch them. (But that’s another story.)

I blogged earlier this week about my peaceful time at the lake last weekend. While there, it went through my mind that I have a much different pace at the lake. It’s easier. Granted, much of that ease is because it is my time.

And, it’s in a different, easier place. Here’s an example.

Last weekend, I had my list of tasks to do while in town: mail packages at the post office; go to the farm market; stop at a few favorite stores to pick up some gifts before I leave for the season; get weekend groceries; pick up cleaning supplies at Kmart… you get the idea.

If I were to do those things here in town (and any given weekend will include all of these in one form or another), it would take the better part of the day. The post office and farm market are nowhere near one another; neither is the grocery store. I’d be in the car, the traffic would be more intense, and ultimately, I’d be crabby.

I wrapped all my chores in about two hours, and had some time left to hang out in a coffee shop and blog! I wasn’t rushed. It was easy.

When I got back to the lake, I took a walk, visited neighbors, read on the beach, and then got to my clean-up tasks. After dinner, I hunkered down at the computer and wrote got the first drafts of four pieces I hope to clean up for my other blog, Chopsticks and String. Then I knit, finishing a scarf and starting another. My day lasted forever and it was lovely. I did a lot of things and I didn’t feel rushed, strained or stressed.

During the week, it’s wretched. The office pace doesn’t stop and after, there’s always something. The house is a mess, the garden is worse, and don’t talk about the lawn. Deadlines loom for creative projects and don’t forget – Christmas is coming – time to make those gifts!

When thinking about this, I realized it is no wonder that my writing is better, my art more prolific, my energy higher when I’m at the lake. It’s not the lake that makes the difference; it’s simply that I’m not here where there are expectations – those of others and those I place on myself. There is no timetable, other than what I place on myself. It is an amazing kind of freedom, one that frees not only my schedule, but my soul.

Slowing down does elevate my creativity, because I have time to act, not just react. I have time to think, to experiment and to learn. While I’m fairly adept at flying from task to task, the downside of that is one doesn’t enjoy them or really savor the activity at hand.

I need some time to just sit around on cobblestones, look for fun and feel groovy.

But, I’ve got a meeting.


ELK said...

love that song ~ your post struck a cord with me but I am a preschool music teacher and those little ones teach me a lot about slowing down!

ELK said...

chord ~ :0

Gabriela said...


This is a great post, we should all slow down a little...

~ Gabriela ~

BONNIE K said...

I am still trying to figure out what moodling is! But even without knowing, I love not having to sit in an office for 7.5 hours - work is really getting in the way of my life! As you expressed so well in this post.

Judy Winter said...

I think you just had a big AHA! moment...

You miss too much when you move too fast.

Permisison to slow down granted, dear friend. :)
But that, you can give to yourself.



Becca said...

We're all living versions of this mad dash through life, aren't we? At least we're in good company!

I undergo a similar transformation when we go to our house in Florida. My pace slows down quite a bit, and I enjoy life a lot more!

Bellezza said...

I like your use of the word "wretched"; an old-fashioned word that exactly describes the hectic feeling.

Your last line made me smile. Are you a teacher, too? ;)

gautami tripathy said...

I totally related with your post. I needed to slow down and I have.

How groovy can you get?

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anno said...

I think I must be in the minority: Sometimes I can be more creative and more productive during busy times (as long as the busy times aren't so ratcheted up as to preclude any time to write) than I am during slow times, when I am just as apt to be torpid and sluggish as creative and inspired.

The worst times, though, are those times when I feel like I'm so busy I can't afford to fail. Nothing creative gets done then.

I think I need to be going slow enough to engage with ideas, but fast enough that I feel some urgency about carrying them out. Good thing there are deadlines!

Anonymous said...

this is a big and important topic for me. speed. it isn't that i am moving too fast at all! it is life that is moving too fast for me! there's a big difference. i can move slow no matter where i am and i most often do and if there is no one around who is in a hurry or has things they need to do i am happy. your lake experience sounds heavenly and it seems a big thing that you are able to make the transition to slowing down right in stride. not everyone can do that. my heaven will be a place where i can take as much time as i want in everything i do. everything. from the smallest to the biggest.

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