Monday, October 20, 2008

Write on Wednesday: Writing Every Day

Today's Autumn Image is from Uncle John's cider mill in St. Johns, MI. Boo!

In this week’s Write on Wednesday, Becca asks:

So, how about you? Do you make time to write everyday? Don’t you think everybody should?

This is an interesting thought, because it really makes me look back at myself and the past near-year of blogging.

Yes, I’m inclined to write every day, just because of work. But, as I’ve mentioned before, much of that is editing other work and adding transitions. Or, writing press releases – all very formula.

But since I’ve been writing The Marmelade Gypsy, I’ve found that I am writing my own stuff – almost every day.

When I started the blog, I didn’t know what it would “be.” An online journal? An art journal? A way to keep in touch with people? A spot to share ideas, recipes, photographs?

It has been all of those things. But by and large, they don’t write themselves. I have to “think” about it. What do I want to say and how do I want to say it? Is it fanciful, like Gyppy’s Halloween house? Is it pretty straight and to the point? Am I talking about something deep, that requires more words or explanation?

Sometimes, I don’t even know when I start what’s going to come out of my fingers – and sometimes I’ve thought about it, perhaps too much.

But I’m writing. Regularly. And it feels good. Very good.

Do I think everybody should? Well, it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but doing something everyday – and writing is pretty universal, as Becca points out in her prompt post – is certainly something we can all do. (I know many of my art friends are doing art everyday; it’s the same concept.)

Maybe that writing is in a blog; maybe in a journal. Maybe it’s more detailed – the future novel or non-fiction tome. Maybe letters. But something.

Try it. A day, a week, a month. Just try it. I will, too.


Sugar Bear said...

You are very right - the blog is very much writing on a regular basis.

Annie Jeffries said...

Very interesting that you should mention letters, Jeanie, because I've been considering going back to letter writing as opposed to just sending a keeping in touch email.

There is something very creative about letter writing, not just the act of writing but choosing just the right stationary or card and the meaning put into the choice depending on who the recipient is .

Some women are suckers for shoes and purses. I tend to pick up stationary and cards when I see something I really, really like. Unfortunately, I never made the transition to regular writing. But recently I discovered how MUCH I have collected.

Good post Jeanie and a good reminder for me to start my letter writing habit.

JessInFocus said...

I have actually been writing more lately. Writing is a great stress relief.

Bree said...

Did you decide to forgo your other new site? I just discovered it last week I think. I thought you were just taking a break from WOW. I know I have to take blogging breaks frequently due to life. Darn that life getting in the way. Writing daily is good and clears the mind. I really need to learn to keep my focus like you do. Congrats! I don't know if you visit J. Kaye's Book Blog but she is also starting a daily writing session. I find it interesting that in 1 day of reading blogs I've discovered two of my favorites discussing writing daily. Maybe a sign from God for me to get off my butt and write. Thanks for the motivation!!!

BONNIE K said...

You know, since I've joined the blogging community, I've noticed that almost everyone says they don't know what their blog is gonna be, and it reminds me of that poster that says life is a journey, not a destination (close enough), and I think that's what we're all doing out there. The thing I like the most about blog writing is you just kind of do it; you don't worry about getting started and is it gonna be good enough; you just start writing and it seems to flow.

Shelley said...

Oh..get yourself better real soon. Drink some chai.

Sent your ATCs off today.

Anonymous said...

You write "Just try it. I will, too."

And so I imagine all of us scribbling or writing at the same time and not aware of it. But still, how cool is that?

Feel better!!!!

BK said...

I am with Jeanie on the power of blogging and I wish that I could say that I am moving back to letters. I also LOVE email, especially Apple's stationary now.
I wish I could return to letters, though

Becca said...

I love the way blogging has started more people writing (and looking for other ways to express themselves) - I think that's one of the greatest things about it :)

anno said...

Blogging is an adventure! Sometimes though you need to keep to the well-groomed trail, and sometimes you can wander off into unknown terrain. And every once in a while, it is good to stop and take a rest, look around you. Glad to have found you here!

Anonymous said...

Trust me, Jeanie ~ If you ever feel alone in your scribbling, I'll be here, either writing away or thinking really, really hard about what I'm going to write!

My next task is to roam some of these WOW blogs and see what else you are writing about - not just the Wednesday prompts, but other days, as well. Time is the great problem, always... But the reward is great.

And by the way - I really like the way your blog looks. Very nice!


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