Thursday, October 16, 2008

A Meme: Six Random Things

Today's Autumn Image is from the City Market in downtown Lansing! Gotta love pumpkins!

I have been tagged with a meme by Catty Cat of Music I Like in the Background and am supposed to tell you six random things about me…

If I hadn’t been evicted from my apartment for my illegal cat (the late, great Stimpy), I would have never met Rick (whose duplex I looked at as a potential new spot!)
In my later years, I’ve discovered three new foods I never realized I liked (or didn’t used to) – sweet potatoes (raw and sautéed like hash browns); fennel (raw or roasted) and eggplant!

I am an only child. But I used to have a collie -- I called him "Brother" (not his name, but in my mind, that's what he was.
I didn’t realize MSU (where I work) got a new football coach over a year ago until this fall.

In my fantasy world, I can tap dance like Ruby Keeler.

My other fantasy is to be the Next Food Network Star. (Obviously, if I really wanted to move this fantasy along, I’d make a video, but I know I don’t have what it takes! Still, it’s a fun fantasy!)
The rules are as follows – link to the person who tagged you; post the rules on your blog; write six random things about yourself; tag six people at the end of your post; let each person know they have been tagged by leaving a post on their blog; let the tagger know your entry is up.

My six tags are:
Bonnie at Mama K’s Blog
Iris at Herzblatt
Jane at Jane on Life
Beth D. at From the HeART
Rosemary at Living as Rosa
Dawn at My Thoughts By Dawn

9 comments: said...

Aw, what a cute way to meet!

KRCampbellArt said...

These last two blog entries hit home in many ways. I am also an only child, took tap dancing lessons as a kid, I was going to tap my way to Broadway, tee-hee, like but struggle to knit and spent a little of my childhood with a pekingese named Rimbo. I took only one vacation each summer with my aunt and uncle who owned a cottage on Otsego Lake.

Peng Peng said...

i love the bit about your 'illegal' cat in your apartment! I have done the same thing ;O)
and the little bowls of food prep.. makes me feel like cookin'!

JessInFocus said...

How cool! I love the photo of you and "brother". I had a cat I used to call Bubba (because I'm southern and that is how I roll:)) even though I have 2 brothers. He followed me every where.

That is so cool how you and him met! Good thing you had an illegal living with you!

Andrea said...

I love the black and white picture . I love those collie dogs!

anno said...

This is a great list - I enjoyed learning these unexpected tidbits about you. Personally, I think the Food Network ought to watch out for you!

Joanne Huffman said...

I have absolutely no sense of rythm, but I used to tap all over the house (we had hardwood floors) when I was little.


Rosa said...

I will do this meme promise, before I head back home!

Mary Bee said...

Thanks for doing the meme Jeanie. I think you did a few more than six, but who cares. It is fun to learn about people this way.

I had a collie as a kid too. His name was Pal.

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