Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Gardenview at the Holidays

A few weeks ago, when we went to the greens market in Northville, we made a key stop at Gardenviews, a lovely shop in town that has garden-oriented items and a huge holiday decorating section.

These were a few of my favorite things! Like the stone angels -- they just make me smile.

Now this is a terrific face!

This lovely fairy was so very magical.

And this was perhaps my favorite piece.

I loved the Mad Hatter...

On Dasher! Take me to Gardenviews!

If you're in or near the area and love things like this, Gardenviews is well worth a stop. It's walking distance from the center of town -- just a couple of blocks. And it is totally magical. (And yes, there are bird feeders, other gardeny stuff -- not that we'll be needing that for a bit!)


beth said...

Oh....I love that fairy...she's just exquisite....

Anya said...

Wonderful post :-)

Merry Christmas
and a Happy & Healthy 2010
for you and your family.
Thanks to be our blogfriend :-)

Kareltje =^.^=
Anya :-)

BONNIE K said...

I would love this place.

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