Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas in Bits and Pieces!

A few moments from our holidays -- so far!

Cookie time -- not a lot of time to back so I went back to the easy things -- Peanut butter bars (like Reeses -- yum!), a new one -- white chocolate crispies (recipe below -- you can do this in 15 minutes).

And, the brainstorm. Chocolate covered pretzels -- buy rods and sprinkles. Coat end with 1 large pkg. chocolate chips mixed with about 1 stick of butter; roll in sprinkles (or chopped pecans!) And pretty, too!

The tree -- few left when Rick went to get his tree.

But we had a great time putting it up.

Except when it fell down!

But it got back up again, and Rick put on the angel his mom made. It looks good!

We enjoyed a holiday play on Sunday afternoon. Then we took a ride through downtown, noticing the new "balls" display...

And the display in a now-defunct store window by the MSU Museum focusing on Santas in advertising! Lots of fun here!

I finally got something new created for the holidays -- this feather boa wreath (it's cute on the wall, too!).

It was supposed to have balls, which I have lost somewhere in my house, but the stars from Ikea gave it some pop! It's pretty as a candle wreath, as well as a centerpiece with Mr. Santa!

And, I got a good deal of decorating done, too.

The "white tree"...

The Solstice tree...

The big tree...

And some of my favorite ornaments!

I love the Santa in the center here...

And this magical white one is another favorite.

Finally got some wrapping done.

Executive assistant is not much help!

Our Christmas Eve with the kids is the 23rd, with presents on the 24th this year. Then we get to do it over again -- just us, and whomever we round up!

I'll have a few more "Whimsical Whittler" carvings on Christmas Day here on the Gypsy. And there's a new post on White Christmas (movie and play) and Chopsticks and String -- check it out, if you're a fan!

Meanwhile, a Merry Christmas and Beautiful New Year to you all!

Snow Banks

Melt 2 c. white chocolate chips
2 T. peanut butter

Remove from heat. Mix in:
1 c. mini-marshmallows
1 c. unsalted (or salted) peanuts
1 c. Rice Crispies

Form into balls or haystacks on wax paper. Let cool. Done!


joyce said...

My you have been busy! I just did the first "baking" tonight, if I do it too early its all gone by CHristmas....Almond Bark, also ridiculously easy & super yummy!

Did you get the Eiffel Tower Ball from your trip to France this summer?

ols1 said...

Love your eclectic collection. The first image is my favourite. Looks all too delicious.

Wrightboysmum said...

I'm totally disorganised at the moment no blogging or crafting or wrapping etc. Funnily enough our tree fell over this year as well. Love all the decorations and that wreath is a beaut! Reeces's peanut butter cups are my favourite sweets I bought a big bag home from Florida. Have a great day when it comes! Take care.

Beth said...

Wow, look how pretty your house looks. So festive! I have been a bad blogger this month but will be back in the swing of it for the New Year! Love Your blog templete,,so pretty! Have a wonderful time with Rick and the boys tonight!

Anonymous said...

Love it all!

Those chocolate covered pretzels look good and your tree is beautiful.
Merry Christmas to you and yours.


beth said...

thanks for walk of beauty and the laugh with the falling tree....

I made my white chocolate and pretzel yumminess yesterday....I hope there's enough left to take to my sister's house tonight as somehow those just disappear.....

Sugar Bear said...

I love to see all of the holiday decor and the fun that was had with the tree (even with it falling down!). I love the wreath you created and the IKEA stars are perfect. Merry Christmas!

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

Lovely post as always dear Jeanie, so very festive!!!
Wishing you and yours all the magic of the season along with every good and special wish for the new year!!!
Fa la la
Ho Ho Ho
Brightest of Blessings All Ways!

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas dear Jeanie!

Joanne Huffman said...

A lovely (and tasty looking) post. I love all your trees. Have a very Merry day - filled with the peace and love you deserve.

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