Monday, December 14, 2009

A Day at the Museum, Part 2 (Tea and Biscuits)

Note: Visit my other blog, Chopsticks and String, for Part Three of the Holiday Survival Guide, Party Hearty!

We're back at the MSU Museum -- this time to look at their vintage Christmas collection of antique biscuit tins -- and some beautiful teapots.

Seems just right to me -- tea and biscuits!

Again, the packaging just makes it for me!

I loved the teapots.

But when you read the story underneath, it breeds a whole new world of competition.

There's always a copyright issue --

But I really do love the blue!

I can't resist a tin with the Queen!

And this piece was another I particularly liked. The graphics are wonderful.

She was pretty, too!

And of course, I must remind you of the background of this terrific collection...

And where you can see it if you happen to be in the Greater Lansing area.

I feel very privileged to have this museum in my community, to be part of it, and to encourage those passing by to give it a visit!

Curator Val Berryman tells me that he has decorated the windows of Lansing's former Knapp's department store, a terrific art deco building in downtown Lansing, with wonderful a wonderful holiday collection. I'm planning to get down there soon -- and if you're in the area, even without seeing it, I can tell you're in for a treat!

A Personal Note -- The past couple of weeks have been on the insane side -- I've not been a very good "commenter" on your blogs, behind in visiting many. I'm hoping that will turn around here, but I thank you all for coming back to mine! I promise -- I will check out all the posts I missed, even if I just make a comment on one. It's extra fun at this time of year!


Linda said...

Wonderful post...I love biscuit tins. Yes, it's hard to post on all the blogs this time of year... so much going on. I think we are all in the same boat....headed for the same destination.... isn't it great! Merry Christmas to you!

joyce said...

With all of our "wonderful" technology thes days, how come we can't produce such beautiful works of art? I love the teapots, never seen anything like it!

anno said...

These are completely charming... so glad you took a pause to tell us about them!

ols1 said...

Love love love the teapots.

Joanne Huffman said...

How cool to collect all these just for the enjoyment of sharing! It looks like a really great exhibit.

Relyn said...

This is amazing. And, oh! How I love that somebody thought to save it and create a place where we could all see it.

I wonder how many of our daily, ordinary things will end up in a museum some day?

Jane said...

I love this! I had no idea it was here so you can bet I'll stop by

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