Thursday, March 5, 2009

Two Totally Different Galas

This past weekend while Rick was off skiing with his brothers in Utah, I had the opportunity to attend two very different fundraisers.

The first was at the Grand Rapids Public Museum for the GR public television station. It was a food-and-wine tasting, and really spectacular.

Tables with an assortment of wines alternated with all kinds of food tastings -- Sushi...(because I am the sushi strumpet...)

Gelato, salsa, chicken dishes, dips, chocolate, trail mixes, other snacks. It was a never-ending feast.

The wines were excellent, too. I wish I'd written more of them down in the little booklet they gave me. I don't know how many hundreds were featured. I didn't try this one, but loved the monkey labels!

But the real treat was the museum -- we have to go back and really "do" it. There was lots of natural history...

... and I loved the displays -- here are bits from a few -- you can see the diversity.

(I loved the hats and dolls!)

We kept watching the big clock to meet up. Time flew by. When we left, everyone got a rose.

Oh -- they said there were 900 people there. Pretty amazing.

The fundraiser for the Ebersole Foundation was smaller but warmer and for me, more fun.

The foundation provides a center far from the city on a large farm site so kids who might never get to experience the environment in a more natural, genuine way have that opportunity.

There was a silent Auction -- my friend Rhonda and I were bidding on having our friend Kate plant perennials in our yards. Rhonda won, but Kate graciously agreed to do both our yards, and so I bought that too!

And, I won two car detailing packages in the raffle. Since the expiration date is in June, I'll give one to Rick.

Let's just say that after carrying Gypsy in the car last summer, and all the tracking in, a good detailing would be pretty darned fabulous.

My friends Jane and Kip served as emcees, moving the live Auction along quickly. They're fabulous!

And I enjoyed being there with some of my Great Gang of Women (or the GGWs or the GGs!).

Rhonda, Jane and Kate ...

Mark and Jan...
And Kate's husband Mike (of Dissent Decree and Beyond Appearance) -- who was official photographer of both people and things! (Photographer at work!)

The centerpieces were wonderfully simple, with terra cotta leaves, made by young art students, sitting on branches resting in a bank of moss. I'm remembering that idea for another day!

Pals Judy and Dick were there briefly, too!That was before the camera came out!

Best of all, the organization made its goal -- topped it, in fact! Lots of kids will get to experience nature in a wonderful way.

As for me, it's back to the work-a-day world! But oh, what lovely events!


Sugar Bear said...

You get to participate in some fun events!

BONNIE K said...

I agree with Sugar Bear! Those museum pix were very cool.

Joanne Huffman said...

It sounds (well, really "reads") and looks like a great event.


Unknown said...

More SUSHI! I did not know GR had such a good looking museum. Thanks for sharing BOTH of your galas. What fun!

anno said...

Everywhere you go: always a good time! Love those terra cotta table decorations!

Anonymous said...

Museum pictures were great - what's happened to me? I LOVE museums (didn't used to) so this was fun.

jet1960 said...

You are always doing the most fun things! I am envious! Love the picture of you!

Anonymous said...

you look so happy and full of delight in that photograph! i kept looking at taht first photograph and wondering what those little rows of brown stuff was....sushi. not my thing at all. but the lady with the electrified hair is intriguing.

Anonymous said...

and such good friendships you have jeanie. you must be a very good friend to these women for them to all love you so dearly.

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