Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I'd Like to Be ....

A little stir crazy. I haven't been able to talk any doctor into letting me drive. (I know, it's like a teenager playing one parent against the other.)

A journey to the doc's office or grocery store is like a vacation! And while I love my space, with my purr therapist, plenty of entertainment, and a computer (albeit a slow one), I have had visions of places I'd like to be!

Mackinac Island, Michigan.

The Grand Canyon

Larchmere, near Shaker Square, Cleveland, Ohio.

Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario

Otsego Lake

The Creeper Trail, Virginia

Myrtle Beach.

Specifically, RIGHT HERE at Myrtle!


Annie said...

I liked to be at Mackinac Island too. I'm feeling nostalgic because this time last year I was at the Grand Canyon. Your seat at Myrtle Beach looks perfect. I would pull up a chair right next to you.

beth said...

I'll go to myrtle with you and sit in that extra chair !!!

Rosa said...

It all looks delightful. I'll meet ya under the umbrella on the beach!

Herzblatt said...

Oh my goodness....what wonderful pictures....you live in an absolutly amazingly marvellous country!!!
I`d like to be there at the moment, too!!!
Here it is snowing at the moment...I am very keen on sun and spring!
Every day you hear only terrible things on the radio news....a lot of companies go broke....today they said, that countries like Spain, Italy, Portugal,Irland and so on probably can`t avoid the national bankcrupcy.....all the unemployed people.
So it is wonderful to see your lovely nature pictures!
What about your shoulder??? And is Mr. Clean on his way to Germany to help me with my full and overcrowded cupboards....attic....cellar...*lol*...

Best wishes
your Herzblatt

Joanne Huffman said...

The joy of having such great photos of your travels is that you get to re-visit all those wonderful places.


Shelley said...

Let's go. I'll drive and save you the pain. Just let me know and I'll be there. Its going to snow here in Texas this weekend, so I might as well drive to Michigan. Glad to see that you're doing well. Hope you got my little collage. Hugs.

Beth said...

I would gladly be in any of those beautiful places. But I think my fave would be in the beach chair under the Umbrella with a drink that has a Umbrella in it,,he he!

Judy Winter said...

Cannot beat Mackinac Island!! I can't wait to go there again either. Enjoy your own photo escape!! See you soon! xoJudy

BONNIE K said...

I don't know what I'd do if I couldn't drive. I'd be going nuts.

Bree said...

Love the photos.

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