Friday, March 27, 2009

Flower Fairy

This little ATC is my flower fairy, and she represents to me all the lovely good wishes and kind comments you sent along my way after my whining moments!

I thank each and every one of you.

It really is getting better -- the weather turned, which is a grand blessing, and I've been able to get out and walk a bit.

Today Kate took me out -- we had lunch, got my passport photo and then she said, "You need merchandise!" so we went to Michael's where I restrained myself but did by some ribbon at $1 a roll!

Now I'm typing away, while I'm waiting for some work things to come back. Gypsy stands on the computer table, next to the keyboard on all fours just staring at me. I'm not sure what he thinks is going to happen, and I'd think his little legs would tire. Now and then he'll grab a cord, but for the most part, he just stands and stares.

A weekend awaits. Who can argue with that?


Mary Timme said...

YOu sound almost hale and hearty. I'm so glad you are recovering and doing well.

beth said...

ohhhh you sound healthy and happy and like you're ready to go dancing....okay, maybe just sitting and wine drinking...that's a start !!!

BONNIE K said...

I am glad you are out and about. I think that's half the cure for all the stuff you're going through.

Rosa said...

So sweet! Happy to hear you got out today!

anno said...

Your outing today sounds wonderful, and I hope that passport photo promises more adventurous excursions in the future.

Glad to hear you've been able to walk -- is anything in the Botanical Gardens beginning to bloom? And, when will you be able to wield scissors again? do you have plans for that ribbon?

Have a wonderful weekend!

Unknown said...

Nice to hear you upbeat again! Love your flower fairy.

Annie Jeffries said...

You sound like you have gone around a corner, Jeanie. Not feeling pain and figuring out how to get around and cope with the frustrations as they come up. Good kitty, the Marmalade, for taking such good care of her mommy.

Claudia said...

Healing is such a process, isn't it? It's a little like a winter that seems it's never going to end...and then at last you see a little green sprout, and feel the hint of a warmer breeze--the promise of better things ahead. Sometimes it's a step forward and two steps back, but spring eventually gets a footing. Sounds like your "spring" is finally arriving! Glad to hear it.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jeanie,
You have been on my mind for several days now, So I thought I better pop in to check on you,and I find you are up and walking around...sending good vibrations to you!

Joanne Huffman said...

The ATC is charming - and I hope you enjoyed the good weather, becasue things look bad for tomorrow (Sunday).


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