Saturday, February 21, 2009

Why I Never Get Anything Done

Before you read this, if you made the chocolate dessert from the Valentine's day post, please use the lower rack of the oven. I updated the recipe but it wasn't in there originally -- I'm not sure how much it matters, but why take a chance...

So, this morning, after getting up surprisingly early (last night was our work event and when I got home I got online), I hit the store to get cream for my chocolate dessert for tomorrow's wine tasting gig.

I had a list of activities to do on what looks to be a snowbound weekend.

1. Check blogs.
2. Upload photos from last night so next week I can post about it.
3. Do laundry
4. Feed birds (or squirrels, as it seems to be)
5. Put away last of Christmas (except the snowmen)
6. Put Easter where I can get at it with only one arm
7. Finish wrapping some birthday gifts to post next week
8. Finish wrapping last One World prize
9. File a few things. More than a few.
10. Make dessert.
11. Make soup (from Kris Campbell's blog )
12. Work on UFO's -- buttons and handles on purses
13. Finish scarf
14. Weave in ends on hand warmers and make more!
15. Clean house
And so it goes.

So, I finish 1-4 and then go to the basement to do #5 (which I complete) and along the way see a BIG old box of family photos.

Coming soon -- flashbacks to youth. I am so stuck in my scanning mode, I don't think I'll ever leave this spot today. Well, I must. But it's dicey...!

And THIS is why I don't get anything done. Homekeeping ADD, I think. And I have to admit, I'm having fun!

(POSTSCRIPT ON SUNDAY: So far, I can check off the following -- plus a couple of add ons!... and if you wonder why I post this list, it's because I'm trying to convince myself I'm productive!)

9. File a few things. More than a few.
10. Make dessert.

I did one with and without the mint. Because I forgot

11. Make soup (from Kris Campbell's blog )

And it's fabulous! I added some cinnamon (just a pinch and a lesser pinch of nutmeg and some finely diced proscuitto that I nuked for 45 seconds to crisp it, because the expiration date was impending. Yum -- with or without my changes!

15. Clean house

Sort of. More to go, but will it ever stop? Into that category, you can add changing bed linens and cleaning up the kitchen, which was a bit of a disaster!

And so it goes.


Bree said...

Life is too short not to have fun. Enjoy your trip down memory lane!

Joanne Huffman said...

Anytime you get to 5 of 15 items on a ToDo list is cause for celebration. You deserve to play as long as you want. I look forward to seeing the photos.


Qugrainne said...

The photo is GREAT Jeanie. :) You did good on the bloody list, and deserved to take a break from it. But that photo - brings back memories of those days for me, too. Thanks!

Sugar Bear said...

Quite a long to do for one weekend! You sound like me.

BONNIE K said...

I am very amused that I am in agreement with the earlier comments - that we all think it's great when you even get a few things on your list done! And that IS a wonderful photo. I like the good looking young man at the cash register.

Janet said...

I must go along with the crowd! I would be thrilled to mark off five of 15 items from my "to do" list! I always get sidetracked with something else along the way.

Mary Timme said...

Wow! All I've done is the laundry and go to church and make lunch and work on art. I'm tired just reading your list . . . . . . . Y-A-W-N!!!!!!

beth said...

I do the exact kind of thing ALL the time....I think this syndrome belongs just to women !!!

JessInFocus said...

Oh my goodness! You got a lot done. I love the photo btw!

Anonymous said...

Jeanie, your lists help. Not just you, but others of us (I suspect; they help me, anyway.) How? Cuz we all have stuff to do and stuff we want to do and stuff we have to do. We're all eating elephants - a bite at at time, I hope.
It all gets done. Whatever needs to be. Your cooking sounds grand, I must say. And very creative.

Oh, but I'm writing to say I rec'd my paper!!!! from you!!!! (check your email.)

more later, I'm so behind on my blog stuff - yikes.

jet1960 said...

Very funny! I often get stuck on #1 for far too long! I had a to-do list for this off week which has ended as I go back to work tonight. I've got almost everything done on it, but then :) I left off a lot of the housework chores! I had some catchup I needed to do on several projects and I've had Mom at the Dr several times this week trying to figure out what is wrong with her left knee(her good side).

Love the picture! So cute! said...

#1 can slow you down and make you not get anything else done!!

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