Sunday, February 8, 2009

Home at Last!

We're getting back into our groove as we enjoy a major meltdown snow-wise here. Rick is on his bike, and happy as a clam. And after I finish this post, I will do some art. My kind of Sunday (though when you see this, it'll be Monday!)

First, thanks to so many of you for kind words of support. Greg is home and doing fine -- he's determined to go to class on Monday and use the photos of his surgery for his assignment to draw something of the body that isn't generally seen.

To Judy and Dick for taking care of us before the surgery and for Tam for taking care of us that evening, offering a most comfy bed and kind hospitality, we say extra thanks.

You are our angels, and we love you all.

The hospital was as welcoming as any can be, with good computers and fabulous art. The illustrations in this post are all from the hospital.

We found the wifi wonderful -- Rick, especially, could work while we waited.
The big lobby was lovely for waiting when you didn't need to be in the surgical lounge.

Rick made good use of his time...

I'm not sure who did the ceiling sculpture, but I found it fascinating, particularly in the morning light.
An artist named Marcia Selley was featured. These are some of her canvases (or details from her canvases), all very large.

There was also a dollmaker's work on display -- Rosie M. Chapman. Since it is Black History Month, her dolls reflected women such as Harriet Tubman and Rosa Parks as well as everyday Western and Tribal women.

I especially loved her chairs, made from paper clay, paper, wire and paint.

There was also a glassed in room set up as a doc's office might be decades ago.
Even the tiles near the elevators were similar to Pewabic pottery tiles -- if they weren't the real thing.

And I liked these, also, but don't know the artist. Betty Youngquist, maybe?

Even the Einstein's Bagels sign was artistic!

Hospitals -- there is little peace, with beeping, carts rolling by, people rushing, and those speaking in hushed tones. Kind staff. Bad food. (Except the sushi -- that was very good.) They seem like a maze when you first enter; then after a day know the best ways to get to the cafeteria and which artwork marks your path to the observation unit.
But I did find this spot, with the warm sun, overlooking a courtyard -- a lovely place to knit (like about three-quarters of a soon-to-be-felted purse!)

After Greg left (his mom and stepdad took him home), Rick and I went for lunch, and since it was such a lovely day, walked around Ann Arbor. While he tried out classical guitars in the music store, I went to Borders and found the new "Where Women Create." Can't beat that! Perhaps later today, I'll be able to curl up and enjoy!

Many cheers! And many thanks, too.


Annie Jeffries said...

What an amazing hospital Jeanie. I guess if you have to be waiting in a hospital, this is the place to be. so many distractions to get your mind off of serious matters.

Cami said...

Enjoy the WHERE WOMEN CREATE. Good issue. Sending you hugs too. I hope everything works out wonderfully Jeanie.

Beth said...

What a beautiful hosptial. I am sure it made the wait a little easier. Let me know how the new book is, its sounds great.
Hope your weather stays warm, ours has been really nice but rain is headed our way. I am tired from Monday's work day. Take care!

anno said...

It is an amazing hospital... but HUGE! It takes an attentive eye to notice all those beautiful details you shared. I'm glad, too, for the good friends who took care of you while you were here. And it's wonderful to hear that Greg's surgery went well and that he's feeling so much recovered that he planned to attend classes today! And I hope this is just the beginning of all the good news coming your way.

Hope you find time soon to enjoy that new issue of "Where Women Create"!

BONNIE K said...

Only you could make a hospital visit so interesting!

Judy Winter said...

I am so happy to hear that everything is going so well with Greg- and that you and Rick had such cool digs to wait in. If you gotta play the hospital waiting game, looks like that's the place! Big Hugs and Love to you all and hope to catch up in person soon xo Judy & Dick

Sugar Bear said...

I guess if you have to be in the hosptial it is good to have some things to look at and a productive space!

JessInFocus said...

I am so glad he is home and doing well. What a wonderful looking hospital. Here's to hoping it keeps warming up.

Naturegirl said...

Jeanie I am so sorry that I didn't know about Greg's surgery sooner! I am pleased to hear that all went well and he is on the road to recovery!
Boy oh boy what a difference a day makes in our community of bloggers..seems there is always one of us that needs prayers and what a wonderful community..always there with compassionate hearts!
The hospital is wonderful..all that space to relax and the art...Love the face chair and those animals!
love and light NG xo

Anonymous said...

Happy to hear the good news about Greg. It sounds like creating art from the ordinaries of life runs in the family!

The hospital clearly is designed to meet the needs of people. What a concept! Glad it was warm and welcoming for you.

jet1960 said...

Glad to hear Greg is feeling well enough to go to school.

Wow, amazing art! Love the paper sculptures! Wish our hospital was that artsy! But then we are just a small community hospital owned by a small company.

Let me know how the new mag is. I've not ever found the first issue. Our one bookstore, Booksamillion, is hit-or-miss on the publications like this that they carry. The one in Decatur, 40 miles north of us, is better, but then I can't always find the time to go there. When I've been they have had several that I didn't find locally, but still not those. I wanted to see the "Where Women Create" book before purchasing it and have never found it either. Did you buy that one? I know I could get it off Amazon, but wanted to see if it was worth the price.

Kristine said...

I met Rosie while a member of the Fiber Arts group in Ann Arbor. A nice, talented lady.
I'm so glad to hear things went well.

Anonymous said...

you are sounding pretty upbeat...i hope by now, which is wednesday and after 2 and 1/2 days back to works you feel at least a little bit like this still :) i love the chairs especially!! cool! wow! thanks for the art tour sweetie :)

beth said...

the last time I was in the hospital with my hubby....the wi-fi and my computer kept me sane !!

Joanne Huffman said...

This is just another example of the positive place art has in society. I wish more people understood this.


Becca said...

Glad things went well :)

I spent some time in that lobby last year when my husband had surgery there. There are lots of good places to wait...a nice outside garden between the main hosptial and Mott Children's too.

I hope Greg's recovery is smooth and complete!

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