Friday, February 6, 2009

Greg Surgery Update

For those of you who have been so kind to ask, I thank you for your support. Here's an update on Greg.

His surgery was scheduled to begin at 11:30 -- He FINALLY got into surgery, at a bit after two. The Gov's kid was there for surgery, too, and that seemed to be one of the things holding stuff up. Probably not the only thing.

It took about three hours and he's in recovery. They managed this surgery without paralyzing the other vocal chord, for which we are most grateful, and the scar/incision was only about 5" instead of the 14 or so inches of the other. So, that's good.

Greg desperately wanted them to take pix with his camera and they obliged. They're pretty cool, really, although Rick didn't want to look at them. Robin (Greg's mom) and I were sort of fascinated.

He'll be in recovery a couple of hours, then in a room or area. They expect he will be released tomorrow morning, although with the surgery delay, maybe the afternoon (since they told us that before they did anything.)

While the wait seemed long, I had plenty of yarn and got about two-thirds through a purse! Not bad! Didn't even get to my book yet; that's next!

And for those who are wondering, I won't be posting his surgery pix on the blog. Probably not even if he asks!

That's the news here. Thank you all for your thoughts, good wishes, prayers, and support. It means so very, very much.


Linda Jo said...

I hope you are doing okay... I had rotator cuff problems...guess I still do. But mine are minor. Hurry back.

Anonymous said...

Somehow I missed that he was having surgery. Sorry. I'm glad he came out well - hospitals can be pretty traumatizing when you are on the sharp end of the knife!
With hopes for a speedy recovery!!

Rosa said...

I am so happy that is behind you all, especially your nephew. Prayers still coming his way. xo

Anonymous said... step on the path and this is a big one! i am so glad that they did what was expected this time! rest well dear jeanie.

Joanne Huffman said...

This sounds very positive. I'm still sending prayers, healthful thoughts, positive thoughts and love to all of you.


paris parfait said...

So glad the surgery went well. Being in a hospital is never fun - sounds like Greg had plenty of supporters cheering him on! Hoping and praying for a full recovery.

Bree said...

Glad to hear the surgery went well. Postive thoughts and prayers being sent your way.

beth said...

all sounds great and I'm so glad it's over for all of you !

Unknown said...

Jeanie, glad it went well - he sure had better luck (or surgeon) this time around.... Prayers still going out, and next for you, hope that your surgery goes well - from one leftie to another :-p
Love ya girlfriend and big smoochy hugs xxx

Anonymous said...


It's good to hear Greg's surgery went well.

He seems to have such a good attitude about all of this. It is amazing.

This has to be difficult for you and Rick, and all who care about Greg. I hope his recovery is rapid, and complete and you can all get some well deserved rest.

Linda Jo said...

I'm glad things went so well. I thought his surgery was over already...and that you were absent due to your surgery. I will be praying for you and for Greg.

Kate said...

Hey, Jeanie,

I'm so happy that Greg is doing well and maybe even well enough to have made it through lunch today. Here's to years of Greg feeling better each day and not worrying about crazy nodes cropping up again. He's lucky to have such a caring, proactive, and supportive family.

Beth said...

I am so glad he is doing so well and that the surgery went well. I can't wait to see the purse your making.

jet1960 said...

I've missed checking in for a few days. I'm sorry to hear that he had to go back to surgery. I missed out somewhere else on what happened the first time. Hope all will be well this time. Sending prayers up for him.

Is your shoulder problem due to a former pitching career that I've also not heard about. Sorry, couldn't resist that as this is so common a problem with pitchers. Though as adventurous as you are, will not be surprised for you to say it's the reason.

Take care.

Annie Jeffries said...

Good to read such a positive report, Jeanie. He's on the road to recovery now, I'm sure. Blessings, Annie

Mary Timme said...

I'm glad he is doing well! I'll keep him in prayer!

Shelley said...

Great news. I saw your post on Facebook and was so relieved. May God bless you all. Hugs.

Unknown said...

You guys are still in my thoughts and prayers!

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