Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Tell Me Why

Please tell me why the Congress does this (from a NYTimes article):

"Despite intense lobbying by governors, the final deal slashed $35 billion from a proposed state fiscal stabilization fund, eliminated $16 billion in aid for school construction and sharply curtailed health care subsidies for the unemployed.

In driving down the total cost of the stimulus bill — from $838 billion approved by the Senate and $820 by the House — legislators also sharply reduced proposed tax incentives for buyers of homes and cars that held huge public appeal. Senator [Susan] Collins said getting the final number to under $800 billion was more than symbolic; it meant “a fiscally responsible number,” she said."

AND YET kept in $650 million (I believe it was all kept) so people can buy converter boxes to watch TV.

A brief soap box: I know, TV is considered a "right" and I love it as much as anyone -- I have to; -- I work for a television station. And yes, I know, people are having trouble making ends meet, much less buying a $60 box to watch something they could always see for free. But my compassion is wearing thin. This has been going on for more than a year. People had time to get the boxes or save their pennies.

I don't know the government should have subsidized this to begin with when you think about all the other things going on that really need attention. Withholding services to the poor and unemployed, including health care so people can watch television? I am embarrassed our elected officials would even think that.

Get over it, world. We have a national debt crisis going on.

And we wonder why we have national debt.

End of Rant.


anno said...

It is nuts, totally crazy. The more I hear about the bill, the more frustrated I become.

Anonymous said...

about the bill: Such nonsense. The pushme-pullyou in which congress engages seems totally bereft of what the people want/need. Maybe we just aren't getting all the info. Maybe congress isn't "getting it" though, either.
Let's just hope somehow they are actually moving/groping forward in some kind of fix it. sigh.

As for Greg, (I've missed so many blogs but will catch up later) I am so glad to hear he's home and intent on going to class. Excellent!

Joanne Huffman said...

my father used to say, "a camel is a horse put together by a committee." I often think of this when I ponder the workings of Congress.

Glad Greg is doing well. I think he's got a great idea for his project.


Beth said...

Ha,,its always p'd me off that education is always cut. That and health care. But thats ok, if we are sick or too uneducated to hold a job, well, we can sit back and watch TV with our converter boxes that the Gov. provided us for free.
That is if we even have a TV or well enough to watch it.

Shelley said...

Well since you're asking opinions...a lot of this bill is pure pork for "pet projects" that is being funded instead of any real stimulus. I think the whole bailout and this bill is a total travesty. I'm not sure what has been left in and what all is out...but some of the things that were listed in it were downright ridiculous. And I thank god there are always two sides to every issue. Checks and balances are part of a democracy!

FIONA said...

Dear Jeanie:

Congratulations! You are the winner of my OHOW contest. Please email me at
fionakcrawford (@) gmail (.) com with a snail mail address so I can send the note cards to you.

Love your blog,


Mary Timme said...

I think the same things! You just said it much better than I would have.

Kristine said...

You're right. It's crazy. I was just saying last night that if you made the date Jan 2010 there would prob still be people, when the TV turned to snow, that would say, 'what happened??'
And as far as the party lines in Congress - hello?? We don't have to guess how well the Repub plan worked - we can see it in action!
I'm going for some chocolate...alas.
But I read you are a winner! Congrats.

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