Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Gypsy -- My Panacea! (And a movie!)

I get these "CatAge" tips periodically in my e-mail. I have no recollection of signing up for it, but I must have -- sounds like something I'd do.

Today's seemed most appropriate. It says:

"Cats: The Purrrfect Mood Booster? Any cat lover will attest to the emotional benefits of kitty companionship, but what does the science say?

Here's the scoop: Although the jury's still out on whether pussycats (and other pets) can actually improve your mood, studies do suggest a furry friend may help:
* Dampen depression
* Lessen loneliness
* Squash stress
* Banish bad moods

Wow. Good kitty. It's not fully understood exactly how animals soothe the soul. Is it the sense of companionship, the unconditional love and acceptance, or something else entirely that helps pets bring out the best in their humans? Kibble for thought. But one thing's for certain: Those creaturecomforts -- courtesy of your cat -- are making your RealAge younger, and that's sure to boost your mood!"
Well, if that's accurate, I must be the least depressed, lonely, stressful person in the world, given the fact that the Gypsy won't let me alone. (Try knitting with a cat on your lap. Yes, it can be done. Not well, but it can be done.)

Try reading "Artful Blogging" when your blog's namesake keeps pawing at it relentlessly, begging for you to put it down! It can be done.

OK, I HAVE been a little depressed lately, and extremely stressed. But I do think I'm far less so, thanks to one Marmelade Gypsy!

To lighten your load, here's a little bit of ragtime starring my orange boy!


Joanne Huffman said...

Love the photos, especially the window one. I get the same joys from my dogs (and they let me knit) and really love the way they great me when I come home.


HerzBlatt said...

Great pictures of your lovely cat!!! There are so many wonderful animals we have got around us...cats...dogs....and guinea pigs...*lol*....My daughter has got two of them and since yesterday I am "grandmother" of 2 absolutely sweet guinea pig babies .....will send you pictures of them as soon as I have got some.
I didn`t tell our dog about them....too jealous!!..:-))
Best wishes
your guinea pig grandmother

beth said... furry little four legged love has made me younger, no doubt and has also loved me to pieces every day of her life which makes me feel less depressed I'm sure...I can't imagine her not being here looking at me !!!

BONNIE K said...

Ain't it the truth? These little creatures bring such joy to my life.

Rosa said...

He is just the sweetest. I love his lovely hankie! I just melt when I'm near Bella. She is the only cat that has done that to me. Isn't it nice when we finally get the best one ever. I hope you're not down for too long. Chin up. Pip pip. xoxo

anno said...

The Gypsy is beautiful! And I agree: there's nothing better to find when you return home than an affectionate pet. Hope there is soon nothing more stressful in your life than blue skies, purple crocus, and a purring cat on your lap.

Anonymous said...

That is the PERFECT music with the Gypsy! Totally fun. He is a patient little fellow OR he loves to pose - either way, I gotta say, the pictures of him looking out the window at the bird feeder are my faves!

Anonymous said...

he is a complete lunatic in love...he can't get enough of you jeanie :) he is truly an adorable cat. it is hard for me to imagine a world without my pets in it. i have been completely in love every time. zippy is my fur soul mate...have i told you that?
p.s. i want to read that julia book! you did a fabulous review!

Beth said...

I have to wonderful furbabies who keep my company constantly. My litte Lady dog and my sweet Carlita the kitty,,they sleep right up against me every night. And when I was sick in bed this week they were right here with me bringing me comfort. They are my babies!

JessInFocus said...

Cute pics and movie. Last night my heart wouldn't slow down and Saber came up and layed down on my chest purring loudly (she doesn't normally pur loudly). Minutes later my heart slowed and I calmed down enough to drift off to sleep. Animals are the best.

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